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Lion and Tiger

The events prior to this section of the dream are on the edge of my memory, and I remember a significant lead up to this part, but this scene is the only part with clarity.

I am in a city. I have just left the companionship of friends / family (not permanently – exploring / journeying alone). I enter an old building. It is old and empty, perhaps a little dilapidated but of value, sort of an antiquated historic building. I am in a central room that is square and has stairs going upwards. I am accompanied by friend Lion. In the past the Lion was a source of fear for me but in this dream it is my companion. It is also half cartoon half real. Its face is sort of a hybrid between a human and a lion, in a cartoon-like fashion, yet very real in terms of texture, look and feel.

We start ascending the staircases to get to the roof where we plan to find an aircraft that at this stage does not have a pilot. We get to the fourth floor when I become aware of a tiger that is also with us. This tiger is pretending to be my friend as well and join us on our journey, but I know the tiger desires to consume me. I realise that I must lose the tiger, but I also know that friend Lion will not understand. I must trick the lion into going on up the stairs without me, while I lure Tiger back down, to trap it, after which I can join friend Lion on the roof.

I see friend Lion turn a corner ahead of me, thinking I am behind him, and see Tiger coming from behind. I leap over the balustrade to the level below and start heading down the stairs, knowing the Tiger is following.

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Re: Lion and Tiger

My sense is the dream is addressing persona and personality. Have you in the past felt people do not take you seriously? Self esteem may play a part in this aspect. You know you have great value and worth but others may not recognize/appreciate this. This is a mental situation of perception, perhaps the way how you and/or others perceive you.

The dream may be about personality traits, in particular your aggressive nature. This aspect may be a positive resource at times but at other times a negative. It can be consuming.

You are caught between the two aspects of these personal traits. On one hand they can be positive but on the other they may be destructive. Deep down the positive qualities are wanting to come out but there are difficulties in doing so, or when they do they are not recognized/appreciated.

Does this fit with who you are in some aspects? Take the above and move it around and you may discover associations that do fit.


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Re: Lion and Tiger

Hi Jerry

That definitely rings bells. I was actually thinking about how the lion applies to me in my life and it is quite a fitting metaphor for myself in many respects, but more like the lion in the Wizard of Oz that is trying to find its courage.

I have kind of found that courage inside at times, but a lot of my outer expressions of it are shaped by shattered expressions in the past where, as you said, I was not taken seriously / shot down. I have a sense of what I could potentially be, but I have to get past this self-esteem blockage that I developed as a child.

But I was also considered very courageous back in the ice hockey, to the point of stupidity at times. I was also known for my long flowing 'mane'. I am also very easy going loving father who likes playing and mucking around with the kids. Have in the past had quite a feminine 'pride' around me. Get along well with girls on a friendly basis.

So I seem to exhibit a lot of the positive traits of the lion. But I also exhibit some negative traits of the tiger. That being solitary, I often try to take everything on myself, and never ask for help. This often leads to a lot of stress, and as a result I can become quite aggressive.

Now that I think about it could be these traits of the tiger that I am making a concerted effort to lose, whilst trying to take on the positive traits of the lion. I think the lion is the path to reaching my true potential. But I still retreat in on myself, which is the path of the tiger, and is leading me downwards in my progress (not upwards with the lion).

I need to find the way of bringing out the lion and changing who I am. I think a lot of my holdups are that the inner being trying to get out is in stark contrast to the way people in my life currently see me, and I think it is this fear that makes me feel I will not be accepted in this way.

In addition the lion is a leader, and in taking on this role I fear people may see me as usurping their power, which could lead to confrontations, something I have not dealt with well in the past.

But not doing this is holding back on who I know I have inside, and is not fair on me. I think it is like you say, stuck between the two in an internal struggle.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 28 - Western Australia

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