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A 2nd dream remembered: 3 dogs

I haven't remembered many dreams and as of late, this is the 2nd one that has stuck with me....

Was on the other side of the block (our street is divided by a busy main road, I was on the opposite side). I was walking and am approached by 2 dogs. One has pink and purple in its hair and is curly like a poodle and the other has straight hair (they may be like representations of the dogs my sister has, she has a curly haired dog and a smaller straight haired one, but these two dogs in my dream looked different) they are across the street and walking and I yell “hey are you lost?” and they stop walking and look at me. they have no leashes on and it looks like they are abandoned. I figure if they have no leash, I’ll check to see if they have an owner, but if they do not, I’ll keep them.

I brought them back to my house and I was in the process (as I am now) of packing and sorting my things. My stuff is all over the driveway, clumped in piles. There is a lot of orange coloring around – like many items are clumped together and orange in color. That sort of thing. Its warm and I am wearing shorts.

I seem to go between my house and this house on the other side of the street that ends up being the home of the dog owners. At their house there is another dog. This one is older and a bit more grumpier. I take a liking to all three dogs. The older dog is much more shaggy with long hair and looks like a certain type of dog I can’t place now. It’s coloring was washed out like a murky grey. He acts like an agry old man who mumbles a lot. In my dream he doesn’t care for the other 2 dogs which I learn are puppies. I know the older dog is 14, and the 2 smaller ones are 9 and 7 or 8 months. They play a lot. These puppies are white and a light brown, respectively.

I remember talking to the owner on the phone and she told me the older one doesn’t like the younger ones and is unhappy a lot. She laughs and tells me if I want to keep him I can. She said he’d probably be happier with me. I don’t take her too too seriously, figuring she adores all three dogs but I do remember the old one asking me to have him put outside and when I did he was grumbling (he definitely had a personality!)

Not sure if the dogs are symbolic of myself, my brother and my sister (three siblings, grumpy older sister?) lol

But what freaked me out a bit was that before I woke up and before the dream faded out into a white coloring, there was a face that flashed before my eyes. A man’s face and I felt threatened by it. A bit on the rounder side with glasses.

Strangely I felt like I need to remember his face and didn’t like that sensation. Not sure what to make of that.

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Re: A 2nd dream remembered: 3 dogs

Tough dream to decipher. I do admit a loss of intuitive perspective with all that is taking place in my busy waking life and my work. I have to stand back a bit and debate my own perspectives when the social dragon demands some much of my mental energies. I'll ask for your assistance to some of the possible symbol meanings in the dream, hoping you can recognize waking associations. Some of my suggestions {particularly having to do with the numbers} is myself thinking out loud, but also using my own personal associations as a source.

Dogs can represent many things. I suggest you look at Dream Dictionary to see what may fit with your dog symbols.
The 3 dogs are definitely key to understanding your dream. The best way to determine what they represent may be to look at their actions within the dream and see if any of those fit with waking life experiences {younger dogs, an older dog, possible siblings?}. Since two of the dogs are 'like' those your sister own you may want to investigate that relationship, although it may not have any associations other than her owning two dogs.

As for other symbols within the dream. Being on the opposite side of the block may suggest you are looking at unconscious associations, some type of emotional conflict that needs to be 'released' {unleashed}. One dog has curly hair and the other the opposite, straight hair {hair may represent your thinking mind}. Something is lost, or unconscious, and it is 'looking' at you, your conscious self with the intent you recognize these unconscious aspects.

Perhaps the next dream statement helps clarify these unconscious aspects. You are packing and sorting your things {are you making some type of move in your life?}. Your stuff is all over the driveway {where you have parked yourself emotionally}. The 'stuff' may be your emotions. Perhaps there is an assessment of where you are and where you are going {packing for a move}. The warm feeling suggests there is a positive aspect.

The next paragraph has another dog, older and grumpier. Could this be you, or someone you know? {look at your waking life and determine where it may fit}. Since it is at 'their house' it may be some other person. The angry old man who mumbles a lot. These could be actual waking experiences, or they could be other, older, and grumpier aspects of your own psyche. This 'older' aspect doesn't care for the puppies. Perhaps a reference to your older self not liking some 'new' aspects about yourself. The numbers may represent some aspect in your waking life. But they could be symbolic of changes in your life {14 added together = 5, a number associated with change}. The number 9 is associated with the feminine aspect, the true self. The numbers 7 and 8 added together = 6 which is the opposite of 9 {69} or the masculine. These 3 numbers together, 9, 7+8, may suggest you are ready to make positive changes that produce positive results {I see the numbers 6 and 9 together as positive since they are opposites yet the same {9 turned the opposite way making it a 6}. Of course this is all conjecture on my part although I do believe numbers in dreams do have an important meaning.
This younger aspect {6 is smaller than 9} is a happy aspect which may suggest a positive aspect.

"I remember talking to the owner on the phone and she told me the older one does’t like the younger ones and is unhappy a lot."

This statement may be an 'inner' conversation with yourself {which is often the case when there is type of communication in a dream}. The older 'one' would likely be you, as would be the younger ones. Or some aspect within your life that has great emotional value.
This older self wants to be 'put' outside, perhaps the wiser self relenting to the possible moves/changes taking place in your life {outside would also indicate waking/ego self}. It does have a 'personality'. And it is masculine, perhaps an indication of your animus or masculine aspects. The different colors of the dogs and the opposites may suggest internal conflicts, feminine vs masculine. If there are serious changes taking place in your life then the dream may be addressing the 'inner' debate about such changes. Determining the meaning of the dogs would clarify a lot. Let me know your thoughts, and the situation concerning the 'packing' in your waking life.


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Re: A 2nd dream remembered: 3 dogs

Hi Jerry

Ok, I think I can see how this can be fitting. I am inclined to think of the dogs as relating to myself, my sister and my brother.

My brother is the youngest, myself the middle, and my sister, the oldest.

My brother lives out of state and I am looking to move to where he lives. My sister is the grumpy dog, I figure because she is just miserable. She hates anything that has anything to do with where she lives currently. Part of me thinks it is because she is sister very much has a familial dependency and has few friends.

I see the move in a positive light and have some apprehension about telling my sister since I know she will not take the news well.

I've told my parents and they are supportive. Yes, the move is scary but it is also exciting.

The numbers seem to fit as well, because I feel like I am finding some feminine power (if you will) and feeling a sense of completion in a sense as well as transition and change.

I'm going to read more about dog symbolism here, on this site and see what else connects.

This is really making me think! Thank you for the gentle guidance!


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 33 WNY

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