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My Saturday dreams:

Fast regular moving in the darkness. It seems like moving in a tube of switch-back. The tube is also black or very dark, but I know there are 3 different stages which change regularly. I am not strongly affected by this process.

I felt I have something on my left ear. I looked to the mirror and I saw I had a small brown tick on my left pinna under the orifice of ear canal. I tried to unstick it and a part (probably a half of it) really fell away but then I recognized it stuck a little far. Then I saw that I had regular line of ticks on the back side of my neck. Because I could not ease them off myself I called my mother to help me. I explained her it is important to ease them off quickly because they could increase or could be infected. She agreed.
I was in my office preparing for this „surgery“. I was a little nervous – I didn´t want my colleagues (especially male) to see me during it. Possibility that someone would enter was not small for we had exchanged our offices recently and almost nobody knew where his/her office was now.
Then I was in a large building, in a wide dark corridor with some furniture. My mother left me for some meeting in a conference hall inside that building and ignored me and my problem with ticks at all. Later, when I shouted at her, she went on cold disregarding me. I was upset. There was a huddle of clothes and luggages on a table in the corridor. I looked for my things and I found black leather coat, dark blue scarf and a piece of luggage. Then I – injured and resolved to help myself – left. It was like I had left her for ever.
Then I was in a small room lightened by fluorescent tubes, the only light place in a huge dark surroundings. The room had walls painted with pastel-shade green. It was something like bathroom but also waiting room. I thought it had been transit to other rooms – but I just had anticipated their existence. There was a washing machine in the left corner and boiling soup was inside it. It was creamy, light green, with noodles.
There were only women (including me) in the „bathroom“. Although we were standing in a queue we were also dislocated as guards of that room. Just behind me but also behind a door-step of the room there was a group of men. They were impatient and angry. They wanted to enter bathroom because „they were telephoning“. Then I saw one of them in front of me with the mobile phone on his ear.

Moving in a tube – moving in the Unconsciusness; division by 3 elements – 3 unconscious parts of the soul

Ticks – there is some similarity between their numbers (1, 2, many) and their formation to the line of numbers in „horoscope“; ticks as arachnids may point at mother; ear - ?
Exchanging offices – some things are changing, but I am confused because of it.
Dark corridor – the Unconsciouss; huddle of clothes – something with persona? past?;
Ticks and quarrel with my mother – I think it can be reflection of my real relationship with my mother. „I have sb on my neck,“ means somebody is too dependent on me. Maybe I feel my mother a little like a tick and that is why she doesn´t want to help me to get rid of ticks (i.e. her). But the dream can be also about my persisting infantile dependence on her and need of finding independence. There will be another meaning too, but I have no idea.
Green, electricly ligtened bathroom – the Consciousness; waiting room – gate to some new spaces (still only anticipated); washing machine with boiling soup – reference to „alchemistic kitchen“?; women-guards – the Consciousness is still exclusively female; impatient men – animus, he wants to be conscious, telephoning – he is in connection with the Unconsciousness

Thank you very much for any idea.

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Re: Ticks

This dream seems to be addressing those same unconscious aspects from your earlier dream . Ticks are something that suck blood {emotional energy and you need to 'hear' what this unconscious message has to say {left ear}. This info is partially recognized but you have yet to totally confront it. It has the potential to 'infect your whole being if not resolved. It will take courage {male-masculine aspects} to do that. You are emotionally injured and must resolve to '{help yourself'.

A room in a dream is one aspect of the total house, you. There is light in this room amongst the dark surroundings {{unconscious} for which it resides. Something needs to be let out, eliminated from unconscious control {bathroom}. The associated masculine aspects are angry {perhaps having to do with past experiences from earlier life, and/or your own masculine aspects}. But there is a guarded position the conscious mind has built so not to have to deal with these emotional issues. That needs to be 'washed' clean so to understand the influences if not the painful experiences. Healing only can begin when the emotional conflicts are properly addressed, and confronted.


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