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Face off... literally.

I keep having horrible nightmares about my boyfriend ripping his own face off. Literally. He's standing in front of me, and starts touching his cheeks, and gets blood, then he's ripping at the skin, peeling it away, muscle and blood comes away with it. I'm screaming and screaming but it doesn't stop him. Sometimes he's just himself when it happens, other nights he's the big scary rabbit thing from Donnie Darko for some reason, but I know it's really him, and the blood is just the same. In the dream I get the feeling he is doing it to punish me in some way for something.

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Re: Face off... literally.

A face in a dream is very often symbolic of the persona or personality of a person. Because it is your boyfriend who is ripping off his face it would indicate there may be something about his personality that bothers you. Or it could be he has difficulty accepting some aspect of who he is and it presents an emotional dilemma for you. A rabbit may be symbolic of 'being the victim', thus you may feel victimized by his actions {persona}.

In the film {admittedly, I had to 'Google" Donnie Darko} is seeing a psychiatrist because of his troubled history. Does your bf have such personality traits? Do you 'feel' as if his actions are punishing you, making you feel like the 'victim' of his imperfections?

The other possibility, albeit a much lesser one, is the dream is addressing your own masculine qualities. But I don't see that as a real application to the dream message.


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Re: Face off... literally.

Jerry, thank you... That answer was more helpful than you could possible realize. I have a lot to think about.

I had another weird one last night, though, maybe you've got an idea about this one? Nothing like the other. I had all these holes in the skin of my back, sort of like a honeycomb, and in each hole a small brain was growing. The brains would drop out every so often, when they were finished growing I guess. I don't know what they were there for, I just had to keep picking them up off the floor and throwing them away. At first I believed some parasitic creature had done it to me to grow the brains for members of their race, but no being ever came to claim any of them. I showed my mother my back after warning her, but when she saw it she said it wasn't so bad. I remember a maddening itch on my entire back, but I didn't want to scratch because I thought I'd hurt the brains. (Don't know why I cared, but okay...) Also, when I noticed the brains growing, I started to wear smooth, featureless, rubber masks on my face. No idea why, but in the dream I felt I had to. I started with one that wasn't very tight, but changed each day to a tighter one. Eventually my features were nearly flat, the masks served the purpose of compressing my face and hair. So that was it, very strange. Oh and I was living in a house that wasn't actually my house, and it had beautiful hardwood floors but everything else was falling apart.

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