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I am dreaming about my current guy friend, not really my boy friend, but it is obvious we at least are sexually attracted to each other and like each other, but cannot get beyond that. Yes one of those relationships. His bathroom has all these skincare products that are obviously women's products along with male products. His place is like a designer house out of a magazine.

In the dream he is there lying in bed with me as he really is...but I see his bathroom and his bath tub and on the little shelf around it are these roller tubes like lip gloss that are in different shades of bright green. I try one and it smells nice, but does not seem to be lip gloss. I put it down. We are back in bed again and he is sitting up looking at me and says something. The feeling from him is easygoing and light with affection. Then I look at the foot of the bed and on the wall are these rectangular strips of paper in stripes. The middle is that same green, but at a diagonal and the paper stripes beneath it are yellow, but cut to make a triangle. In fact the stripes of paper around the middle which is cut to make a striped square are in triangles, but varying shades of green.

Strange dream.


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Re: Green

Being in 'bed' with your friend probably represent your aspirations of being intimate with him. "As he really is' probably is an attraction about him that appeals to you. The bathroom and bathtub may symbolize a 'need' to 'eliminate' sexual frustrations which would bring about a 'cleansing' of such frustrations. But there may be aspects about him that are 'too feminine', possibly unconscious more so than conscious thoughts. The color green is a 'go' signal, you want to go further in the relationship. The yellow would represent caution, perhaps merely a common sense approach to relationships but perhaps also something more about him {intuitive thinking is a vital part of many dreams}. Things smell nice but actually communicating {lips} your true feelings have yet to be made. The strips of paper may represent self expression, in strips but not yet wholly communicated. Rectangles are not perfectly square thus things are not yet 'complete' {squares have 4 sides with the number 4 representing wholeness, completeness} in the relationship. The triangle could represent a balance of body, mind and spirit but also a union of the three. The shades of green may suggest there is hesitation or caution.

The dream seems to be focusing on current romantic endeavors as you outlined in your opening. Dreams reflect the true nature of one's psyche at the time of the dream. Aspirations, and perhaps frustrations, are being addressed in the dream. Caution may be the norm for you which is good but underlying 'intuitive' mindfulness may also at work. The dream says 'go' but there is that caution involved. Are there questions about the guy that would lend themselves to such cautions? Or are you just a bit overly cautious person?

The ending of a dream is always important. The shades of green may suggest caution is needed. A need to express yourself may be part of the problem, your true feelings that is and that is in the 'middle'.

His 'feminine' traits be be an issue. It may be an unconscious thing more so than conscious. Some guys are naturally feminine yet as 'straight' as they come. I am straight but have a very feminine psyche {intuitiveness being a strong trait}.
There may be something not perfect about the situation. Is that being overly cautious or an intuitive mind saying you need to be cautious about this guy?

Something you have to determine on your own.


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