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In the dream I was on a field trip with the children i work with. we were in a house the doubled as an aquarium, but the floor was made of ice. The floor started to crack and i tried to get all the kids out. Then a shark swam up to the front door and we had to make ourselves go unnoticed. After that i went outside to sit on the benchand my coworker and i started making out. What could this mean?

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Re: aquarium

You may have real life waking problems with some aspects of your position working with children. At 20 you are still in the early stages of personal growth {ego/personality, career, family, looking to the future}. Those foundations are still be formed and putting it all intoperspective is something you will need to do.

But the house that doubles as an aquarium suggests there may also be associations to your own childhood. An aquarium holds water {symbolic of the unconscious} and fish {symbolic of the 'true self'} and may be addressing experiences in your own childhood. Ice often symbolizes emotions that are 'frozen', perhaps an indication early life experiences still exist that need to be addressed. The shark would be something within the unconscious that threatens you. 'Making yourself go unnoticed' would represent not wanting to confront these unconscious threats/fears. The coworker would be an aspect of yourself {although there may be waking life associations here also} and embracing that 'other you', those aspects that may be the shark symbol, is what you need to do.

Are there experiences in your childhood that you do not wish to remember/address? At the age of 20 your dreams will most often focus on looking forward, as I mentioned previously. But dreams will also address 'past' emotional experiences that are in conflict no matter your age {an older person's dreams, 35 years and older, tend to focus on the past, an attempt to reconcile life long emotional experiences}. If there are unresolved emotional experiences from childhood this dream would fit with those experiences.

What say you about such possibilities?


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