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Back Porch

Back Porch Dream
I'm setting up for a concert with my band. It's an outdoor venue and we are the headline band. I'm walking around talking to people. Suddenly, my band-mates are there dressed in new clothes and I realize I don't have my gig clothes. They all have brand new white tennis shoes and I say "Well, at least I don't have to worry about the shoes" (I always play barefoot on stage).
I decide that if I ride my bicycle, I can get home for my clothes and be back in time.
I find myself riding through a mid-western neighborhood, tree-lined street that I have dreamed of in the past. There's a house with a large back porch and I've dreamed of it before, that I've passed through it in other dreams. In those dreams, it was always cluttered with junk. This time, it's been turned into a cage for various rodents, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, none of which are afraid of me. I'm in with them, traversing the porch/cage. I'm thinking that the house has new owners since I last dreamed of it, there are signs of children, tricycle, each step up the back porch is painted a different primary color and have children's hand-prints on them. IN past dreams, this porch was an avenue I used to get somewhere. Now, there's no exit from the porch/cage, so I have to go back.
It's now night when I get back to the gig. The guys have my clothes but I've caused us to miss sound check. The audience have arrived and everyone is sitting at long tables, eating dinner. Everyone is dressed up formal, like at the Academy Awards. I must realize that I'm dreaming, because I'm looking for my dream journal to write it all down. I'm walking along the tables, looking over people's shoulders. Suddenly, I'm in a building, a hallway, looking through glass and one of my band-mates (who in real time, I haven't seen in months - he moved and left the band) walks by and sees me and he's laughing and I'm very glad to see him (he was/is a kindred spirit and we're close in real life), but the glass separates us.

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Re: Back Porch

Your band mates, perhaps involving the actual people as a secondary focus, probably represents that 'band' within. You are not prepared for this part, dressed to play the part. This is the outer self, your waking ego self. But you do possess the basic fundamentals {bare feet}.

Your 'dream', or your bliss, is to be this 'band' person. An unconscious waking dream {consciously desired, unconsciously your true self. The back porch is both this unconscious aspect and the conscious desire {back porch symbolizing the unconscious, what is in the 'back' of your mind/psyche}.

In your journey to realizing this true self you encounter the 'junk' of the ego life. You are caged, imprisoned within the ego life that is in need of new owners, your true self.
Here I sense we are entering into a realm of personality, encountering aspects of early life experiences that make up who you are as an adult.As all dreams do, it is focusing on the creative aspects as well as the basic aspects of experiences that form personality. This new realm is something you have been able to avoid in the past but now you can no longer get around it. You must 'go back' and learn about this self from the past. This may be a generalization of the midlife transition where 'looking back' is a requirement to realizing the true self.

This may be paramount to that person you wish to be. Your dream is the recognition of the true self, but also a recognition by others of this part of you {we all have an ego, it is a part of us being human, no matter how much we advance in our journey to wholeness, rejecting ego for a spiritual/creative life}. There remains that separation of the inner self to the outer {you have yet to realize this true self, your bliss}. The glass is a reflection of that self, that bliss. It is the life of 'junk' that separates you from that bliss/true self.

My sense the dream is primarily focused on that 'dream', your bliss. But there are elements of your past experiences, something that is normal when we reach that midlife plateau {ages 35-60}. There may be past experiences that need reconciling {early life emotional issues}. But this may merely be the general path of the midlife thing, not a serious conflict early in life but the general 'looking back' that comes when we reach that stage of life. Are there unresolved emotional issues from earlier life? If not then look to the 'general' aspects of the midlife transition.

You can see my interpretations have a tendency to focus on the inner self, that 'bliss' Campbell speaks of and the balance of the creative/spiritual aspects Jung promotes as a basic part of who we are. Jung also promotes the idea that all dreams have at least two interpretations. One is focused on that inner life, the second on the fundamentals of experiences that make are in conflict, unresolved emotional conflicts. In a younger person's dreams the later is the primary focus but with a 'forward' looking gender, building of ego and personality. The midlife thing addressed in your dreams may be a general, overall look at your past. If there are not emotional issues from that past then look to the general aspects.
But I do sense the primary focus is on becoming whole, finding that balance, that bliss in your life. That is Jung's formula to a harmonious life, discovering and living that 'bliss' of the creative/spiritual Self. The answer to such a dilemma is to 'follow your bliss'. That requires removing all the 'junk' ego attachments/emotional issues in life.
Not an easy thing to do.


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