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Planting of potatoes

This may sound really funny, but last night I dreamt of seeing my older brother and other people, putting a number of potatoes into the ground in a circle.
I remember the weather being windy and the day grey, with not much colour. I remember pushing a shopping trolley, and my brother yelling to me in an angry tone to hurry up and help him. I also remember that later on I dreamt of toilet cubicles without any doors. I felt so embarassed to go in, and so I didn't.

thank you

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Re: Planting of potatoes

Magdalena ,
Your older may represent your animus, your masculine aspects. And/or he could be the focus of the dream. The other people would be those other aspects of your psyche.
Planting potatoes may suggest something that is/needs to be planted in your life that needs to grow or is growing. It could involve unconscious aspects that need to come to consciousness. A circle usually represents that thing that bring about wholeness, harmony to your life.

The grey weather probably is how your waking life seems to be. You are looking to overcome anger. It may have to do with your brother. Being afraid to go into toilet without doors may suggest you are afraid to 'let these emotions out' {eliminating the built up anger}.
Does this fit?


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