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'What Are' Pages at Myths-Dreams-Symbols?

While finishing up my cataloging of pages at Myths-Dreams-Symbols I came across these 'What Are' Pages I think many will find informative.

Note: After cataloging all the pages I have counted just over 500 total pages I have designed at MDS since 1998. I do not use any software when designing these pages, it is all typed or copy and paste.

What Are Dreams

What is an Archetype

What is the Collective Unconscious

What is the Individuation Process

What is a Metaphor

What is a Motif

What is a Myth

What is Participation Mystique

What is the Personal Unconscious

What is Projection

What is Psyche

What is the Ego

What is the Meaning of Dreams

I began building pages at MDS in 1998 and had forgotten many of them. Cataloging the pages, as indexed at the MDS website, provides a record of all the many pages I have added over the years. Often when in the past when I wanted to create a new page I would Google the subject and to my surprise a page on that very subject at MDS comes up. Now there is a list of all the pages available to the public. For quick access to that link you can go to Site Directory.


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