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Myths-Dreams-Symbols New URL

I have created another URL for Myths-Dreams-Symbols that will make it easier to remember, and access. The old URL, www.mythsdreamssymbols.com is still good of course but this will be easier to pass on to friends. The new URL is www.mydrsy.com. It is derived from the first 2 letters of each keyword:
www.Myths my Dreams dr Symbols sy.com = www.mydrsy.com

All this URL does is redirect you to the original MDS web site. Try it!

You can use upper case letters as I did above or lower case www.mydrsy.com

Web Design Part of Bliss, and Business

Those of you who are frequent visitors to the Dream Forum know of my dedication to 'following my bliss'. Web design, and in particular my MDS web site, is an important part of my bliss and journey. But being a good webmaster is more than just designing a web site. It also requires knowledge to elevating your web site{s} with the search engines. Myths-Dreams-Symbols is ranked high when you type particular wording such as Dream Psyche. Google Dream Psyche and MDS appears second on the page. Try it with words like Dream Psychology {listed 5th}, Carl Jung {3rd page}, etc. Key words like dreams are harder to elevate since it involves so many applications of the word {such as ML King's 'I Have a Dream'}. Although key words used in the 'title' in a page's heading are very important {to view the title and keywords of a page right click your mouse and click on view source}, just important are the number of links to a web site from other web sites, blogs, etc. MDS has gained many such links over the 12 years it has been on line {according to Yahoo search MDS has 2,663 'Inlinks', Bing 2790}. Links from educational institutions/universities as educational tools are my 'proudest' accomplishments.

Note: Rankings do change from time to time so my listings here may vary.
As for linking Google only shows a small sample of total links.

Where it is really important to understand such info is in a business and a good example is my son's fence construction business, Gifford Fence.com and his new fence construction business Gifford Fence Orlando.com {Note: I started the business in 1978 and pased it on to my son in 2005. I now manage the Middle Tennessee region and will do so until I retire}. In Middle Tennessee {Nashville/Murfreesboro} we no longer use the telephone Yellow Pages and use Google ads instead {which are much cheaper and reach a wider audience, and appear on the right side of the search page}. If you Google 'fence middle tennessee' we are listed 4th. Under 'wood fence' we are listed #1.
My son's new start up company in Orlando is slowly rising in the Google rankings also. Under fence contractor orlando he is already listed on the first page. Although we are proud to be listed so high in the Google rankings, the reason for it is we care about doing what is right, providing a quality product and excellent customer service. A important aspect of Jungian psyche, the spiritual aspect, and one important aspect of Campbell's Hero journey.

Let me say this, to give credit where credit is due. A lot of this is to my son's credit. He is a wizard at such things. Although I started the business in 1978 it is he who has taken it to the next level. He inherited the business in 2005 {I now manage the Middle Tn. business} and as a start up business in Orlando for less than a year he is having great success. I do take credit for much of his training, and trait inheritance. He possesses those personal skills, inherent, and is also very intuitive. Intuitiveness is a great asset when it comes to business.

But perhaps the most important thing I have passed on to him, without pressuring him to become a 'Jungian' is to be that good person, doing the right thing, ethical. And have 'preached' to him my firm belief/experience of 'what goes around comes around'.
Its the law of nature, and is my religion.


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