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Kitty Cat with Multiple Worms

I dreamed of a kitty cat, which had the same color hair as mine and the texture was not cat like, but like that of close cropped human hair. Anyway, this kitty was lying down and was liking up various health powders that was being sprinkled from brown glass medicine bottles by a human hand. When the kitty gets up, she has deposited two large worms that are in a knot at one end. Their bodies though are sectioned off in three main sections that are different colors of bright green, yellow, pink, and orange. The knotted head is a different color. I feel a little grossed out by the worms and take a handkerchief to pick them up, but when I do they multiply into more smaller worms. I have a thought that more men have come into my life and I seem to have multiple male friends/suitors who are friends or seem interested in me.


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Re: Kitty Cat with Multiple Worms

The various men who have come into your life could be a focus of the dream. The 'kitty cat' is most likely you. The human hair may be addressing sexual virility. The medicinal bottles may be how you feel about yourself, internal feelings. The powder could represent 'your makeup' as a person, or/and the powder consisting of 'loose particles' may be saying something about you. The worms may also be about negative aspects, the worms being lower forms of animals saying something about feelings you have toward yourself. The worms multiplying into smaller worms may be saying something about concerns of intimacy contact; getting pregnant. All this put together may be a statement of feelings involving your male suitors. Or an attitude about accepting suitors in a way that fits with your moral beliefs. If there are not guilt feelings from so many men in your life {assuming there has been intimacy involved} then the desire to participate in relationships that would require you to 'loosen up' your moral requirements may be what the dream is addressing. .


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