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dream of 2 snakes

Hello, Just wondering if u could help me? I had a dream about 2 snakes I believe they were gray. I cut/killed them w a lawn edger into 4 pieces each. I don't understand why or what this dream, may mean. Please help!! Thanks. Sincerely Heather

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Re: dream of 2 snakes

Are you currently or recently gone through changes in your life? Snakes often represent 'transformations/transitions' in life. These may be as much unconscious changes {grey}, something you consciously have yet to fully realize or appreciate. Cutting them up with a lawn edger may suggest you are emotionally divided by the changes.

Could it be you are realizing changes in your life are taking place, changes having to do with age and life itself? At 34 you are at that early beginning of the mid-life thing where getting older begins to take hold. Mid-life is a major transformation and is often depicted in dreams by snakes.

There also may be 'personal' changes in your waking life that are going on at the same time, something only you can determine. Something as simple as changes of the seasons could be related to the 'transformations'.

I offer two suggestions to the dream because dreams most often have at least two interpretations. One would have to do with recent waking experiences and the other deeper experiences such as life changes. Being 'unconscious' could address both of these possibilities and be something that affects you without you consciously realizing its full affect or impact.


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