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Blissful Bee Stings

I awoke from this dream when it was over. When wake up from a dream in the middle of the night it is unusual for me and I always take it to mean that the dream was quite significant.

Lately I have been doodling pictures of bees and hornets. Sometimes they look vicious other times cute. They appear in my doodles without conscious intent. The first time I noticed this in my art was when I decided to meditate on the question of where a relationship was going to head with someone whom I had just recently started to happily date. Then, a big wasp appeared in the drawing.

Last night before I went to bed, I did some doodling. A pretty bird emerged, and then eventually a bee that looked like a cross between a bee and a goofy fairy. It was definetlly goofy and cute. In its arm it held a satchel but in a flirtatious way.

The dream started out with someone, I think it was my mother, pointing and telling me to go somewhere to do something. I think that's what she was saying. I returned back to her and she had become a different character, a man. He continued with the directions. I was then in a cabin in a meadow. It was the sort of meadow you would see in Bambi. Pretty and innocent. I walked out of the cabin with my cat beside me. I think I had some things in my hands, as if I had intention to go somewhere. We walked a few steps out the door, and from the long grass some bees, maybe 5 or so, came up and began stinging me around my lower legs. The stings didn't hurt. Again, the meadow was very quaint and I thought it almost endearing that the bees were around me. Never the less, because of there stinging, I said to my cat, well I guess we will have to stay here and at that we turned around to go back inside.

The bees in the dream seemed to be pollinators to me. So, I am not sure about the dream dictionary interpretation about this being a bad omen. Also, this past summer my cat got stung by a hornet and developed a major fear as a result, but by now he has for the most part overcome that fear.

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Re: Blissful Bee Stings

Your 'doodling' could have something to do with your dream. Symbolic representations of psychic events, or emotional events that are stored with the unconscious that reflect strong energies that need to be let out, are what 'important' dreams are about. Jung says not only can we have such events within our dreams but also in fantasizing and in day dreams. Both come from the unconscious realm.

But the 'doodling' could also be a normal conscious event that is reflected in your dream merely because you were thinking about bees and hornets. That doesn't take away from the message of the dream {all dreams have a message that reflect the true inner emotions}. You state you felt the dream was important. Let's take that to mean the first explanation is applicable.

The Dream
Having your mother within a dream is one of the few times the representation can be taken literal. But she could also represent something else, a wisdom aspect as an example. Or she could be both {if you look at your mother being wise then she could do both without a direct 'literal' association}. My sense is the later explanation is true because she, as a influence in your life, 'morphs' into a man. Both are giving directions. These two could be conflicting aspects, masculine/feminine aspects in opposition, or the two aspects giving the same advice {as dreams provide when the message is understood and taken seriously}. I believe the 'opposing' aspects fit here. There is conflict about some aspect of your life that involves opposing emotions. The rest of the dream may reveal those possibilities.

The cabin in the meadow is a positive aspect {the cabin, like a house, represents you}. The meadow would be a positive aspect, a 'natural' aspect that reflects simplicity. This would be a description of you, a {simple self}. Simplicity of nature {Bambi fits with this also}, your own human nature.

Let's stop here to reflect on what we know thus far.

  • getting directions from opposing/unified aspects

  • the simplicity of nature, your nature

  • Could this involve decisions about what direction you wish/need to take in your life? Your true self, what dreams are about, seem to be saying take the simple road, a simple life.

    Back to the dream.
    The cat in your hands. You have control {hands representing abilities} of your life. The cat is a feminine aspect which cold also point to your simple nature {the opposing masculine aspect would point to more 'involved' directions, opposite of the simple self}. You do have these things within your ability to choose {things in your hands with the intention to go somewhere}. But looking on the outside, outer, social life of personality and responsibilities, there are those realities that 'sting' you. Your lower legs would represent those lower aspects that support you. Such lower aspects are what society or others would dictate {as opposed to the true self, the simple aspects}.
    Has you mother involved herself in giving advice as what to do with some aspect of your life?

    Such advice isn't harmful {it didn't hurt, to consider it}. It may be such advice is something that could fit with who you truly are. That may suggest the directions could fit no matter which 'direction' you decide to go. Or it may be you are not quite ready to take such a simple direction in life {saying to your cat/yourself and you go 'inside' for more reflection. Possibly there is indecision involved.

    As for the bees being a 'bad omen', that does not apply and not how I would look at it. Bees are a simple product of nature, industrious, reliable, productive. You cat being stung by a bee but getting over it could be a stimulus for the inclusion of the bees. It would reflect your own nature, being stung by something but getting over it.

    Look at my suggestions and see how they could fit in your life. Are you looking at possibilities for your future? Taking the simple road vs getting involved in something that would be opposite that simple self? I believe this is the central message of the dream. Just how it fits only you could know.


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