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dream about aids

hi, i had a dream that i ended up reconnecting with a man from my past...we had troubles but we reunited then became engaged...i went to the doctor and found out he gave me AIDS..well the doctor said AIDS instead of HIV. then i recall in the dream he posted a facebook status saying he was "deadly in love" with me....and also i overheard someone say "oh he gave it to her to"...i know after that i went and got some guns and me and him got in a shootout..but something told me to drop the guns and lay down even tho he was still shooting..and about a minute later the police came and locked him up

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Re: dream about aids

Look at all the characters in the dream as representing aspects of yourself. Although the dream involves your bf, the 'shootout' would be more of an 'inner' fight as much as with him {although there are conflicts in your waking life with him}. The 'deadly love' would be just that, that is in a round about way. You are in love with him but it could be a 'deadly love' because of the AIDS.

Dropping the guns {guns could have a sexual connotation, in Freudian speak a symbol for the penis} could represent stopping, or giving up, your opposition to some aspect of the relationship or the inner conflict you are having. The police locking him up may represent your emotions about his being guilty of giving you AIDS. On the outside you may feel you have forgiven him but inside, your true feelings, may be the opposite.

Overall the dream seems to be dealing with the emotions about the relationship. Always trust those inner feelings and deal with those as opposed to simply relying on the outer emotions. If you don't confront those {the police, your higher authority, locking him up} they will continue to pursue you until your resolve those emotions.
Also consider there could be deeper doubts about the relationship? The 'shootout' could involve both aspects, true inner emotions which reflect the outer experiences that you have yet to confront/consider.


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