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Disaster dream

Last night when going to bed I asked out loud that my parents, who have both passed away, visit me. I told them that I missed them, that I loved them. I have had very vivid dreams of them before and it's a comfort. That's not what I dreamed of and I'm kind of shocked. I am trying to retain and remember what the dream was but it is slipping away, which isn't usual for me, so I want to write it down.

It was violent, the world was being covered in blood and alternately water. STARVATION was a big word, or loudly, like I was seeing the word that was being said. I saw the earth in space and it was covered in a dull rust color, not blood, like a dirty cloud.

That's almost all I remember but I know there was more and can't quite bring it to the front of my mind. I woke up afraid, shocked, and immediately thought, "Why did you show me that."

As background, my mother died of lung cancer 10 years ago and my father died of an aneurism 2 years ago.

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Re: Disaster dream

Forgive me if I provide expanded comments beyond your posted dream but this is a chance to address how I approach dreams, explaining in some detail the mechanics of how i look at dreams for interpretation.

If we use the standards prescribed by Jungian psyche in addressing the personal aspects of your dream we are to look at the dream world as being your emotional world. Blood often symbolizes emotional energies, some of which can 'consuming', with the water being your unconscious. Alternating back and forth may suggest you are doing that in your emotional life. There would be an ebb and flow in your emotional life. And the starvation would symbolize emotional starvation.

The dream could be addressing current adult experiences and the genuine feelings about losing someone whom you love dearly, and/or it could be addressing early life experiences that are a part of those building blocks of personality and later life as an adult. The world vs the earth. The same but different.
I say and/or both because there seems to be that possibility. The dream is out of character so it must be taken seriously, as all dream should if there is a real interest to their meaning. But more so possibly because it is out of character. As did Jung, I tend to believe all dreams have meaning, and are therapeutic. The dream provides insights to what is truly in your soul, the true self as opposed to the ego-centric self which possesses a bias and can be distorted to the emotions and true self.

Let's differentiate the ego centric self from the true self, and again the True Self

  • Ego self: the tendency to perceive, understand and interpret the world in terms of the self.

  • true self: a mirror of who you really are, 'seeing' all that makes up who you are objectively as well as subjectively but without a biased point of view.

  • True Self: the 'true self' that has incorporated the spiritual and creative aspects as the governing agent in life. This is what Jung's Individuation Process is about and is in myth the ultimate goal of the hero/heroine search for the Holy Grail

    The world, the outer world as well as the inner, and perhaps involving your parents, is what is starving. If not about your parents, are there unresolved emotional issues that are 'starving' to be acknowledged in some aspect of your life?

    Your statement about often having dreams of your parents could lead one to believe there are remaining emotional conflicts involving them. This dream be addressing those issues? Is it just their passing and you are missing them or are there deeper, unresolved issues associated with one or both parents?
    If the 'world' is requiring so much of your emotional energies, the blood as symbolic of those emotions, the world itself could be a representation of your parents, and whatever issues remain unresolved in that relationship are now the focus, or are '**beginning' to be the focus of your of your unconscious if not your conscious self. Eliminating the possibilities will narrow the probabilities. You will need to match the dream contents to your waking life since the dream is about you, and your emotional self.

    The mid 40s** are a time when such issues do begin to show their emotional intensity since they were earlier in life possessed strong emotional influences.

    Seeing earth in space may be seeing your true, natural self, which is being affected by the deeper issues, the emotional aspects smothering or blocking the natural 'sunlight' that should be in your life instead of being covered by a 'dirty cloud'. Instead of living a life being that true self the dream may be addressing underlying reasons that now bring a 'dirty' cloud to what should be a 'green' earth. Mid-life is a time of reflection whereas earlier life is a time of looking forward. The focus changes. What was hidden from view because we were so focused on family, career, life ahead comes up during this time of change {it is called the mid-life crisis}.

    Are there any 'dirty clouds' in association with your parents? If not then what in your life could this cloud represent? Dreams tend to address such deeper issues sooner or later, and often do so when you reach that mid-life plateau, say between the ages of early forties to late 50s. This may be a product of that stage of life.
    This dream is not ordinary. That may say something of its importance. Such dreams tend to occur at mid-life, first in our dreams, and if not already so in our waking lives {they could have been unconsciously controlling factors in your life and you never knew it. The emotional impact can not hide itself forever and our dreams reveal them with the intend to inform and eventual start a healing process.

    There is one other possibility to consider, along with and inclusion of the above. The world is at a tipping point environmental wise if you believe teh scientific studies. I strongly do.
    Along with all that is going on in your personal life, there may be energies from this aspect affecting your dreams. You would not be the only person to have such dreams. It would be a collective thing because the general thought of our culture thinks that way. It is partly an 'intuitive' thing, the intuitive aspect being an aspect of humans as well as the universal realms {what is true on one level is true on all others}. And that itself may be more an unconscious thing more so than the public masses realizes. I am not one who subscribes to all the doomsday predictions but I do believe there are 'insights' to the possibilities because of the relationship with man and nature, especially early civilizations that built their religious and spiritual belief systems around nature. The planet is ailing, in so many environmental ways. Perhaps your dream is tapping into those universal energies.
    All dreams can have multiple meanings, on different levels. That is the 'Jungian' point of view.

    Consider all the above. One or more may fit. Belief systems are important. But look to the true self for true answers.


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