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Universal Mind - Cosmic Consciousness

I am having one of my cosmic conscious episodes where I 'feel' something is about to happen but not sure what. Usually it coincides with some event that is related to larger cultural/social events or something within nature that has 'strong psyche energies'. The two times I have felt this 'energy' where right before 9/11 and during the historic hurricane season of 2005 which included Katrina {2005 Atlantic hurricane season}. The last event was discussed and chronicled at the Dream Forum in the post Tropical Depression 18 {9}. In the past several weeks I have sensed something similar, and as someone who more and more looks at such 'mystical' senses as a natural higher realization of consciousness, something available within the human psyche to anyone who will explore that inner world, I want to state the feelings so to determine if there is any provable validity to them.

Such things, the sensory affects of important possible events, I believe can come about when there is an happening that a large group of people share as a whole. Large masses of individual 'psyche** energy becomes a single 'minded' universal experience {in the realm of as archetypes}. We are about to have an election that can again change the course of history, if not nature itself. Perhaps it has to do with that {assuming of course if my senses are not just imaginary}. Needless to say there is a wide spread anxiety among the masses having to do with a lot of emotional issues. Those combined energies could present a universal 'feeling' that the individual psyche can tap into. I personally feel ideological forces are massing to undermine the scientific realities that the planet is in dire need of healing and look to that as a possible explanation to the 'vibes' I am feeling. This year again is about to become the hottest in history and with all of the extremes we are experiencing weather-wise, it all fits a pattern that could cause a 'cosmic' explosion of energy that the senses will pick up.

When a group is composed of like minded people, or in the case of nature where an event that holds strong 'universal' energy, something that can be sensed by the individual psyche because in nature everything is related, they create a combined 'psyche energy' that extends beyond the physical realm of bodies into a 'universal realm'. These energies may be thought of as mystical or mysterious but I see them as a part of nature's way. The environment is so out of whack, perhaps the planet is 'crying out' and the sensory mechanisms within all nature is 'hearing' the cry.

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

And what sound is there when a whole forest is totally disseminated?

Dreams sometimes will contain images of mystical images but they are really symbolic representations of the dreamer's deeper emotional life {I look at archetypal dreams as rare but also as 'big' dreams, important dreams that address major changes or realizations in the dreamer's life} with an intent to provide balance and healing. This is nature's mechanism of therapeutic value within the dream, so too perhaps nature provides a mechanism to sense greater events that are associated with the 'therapeutic' need of the planet {as with the chronology of Katrina and the hurricane season of 2005}. Could it be this, a prelude to 2012 and an environmental catastrophe that date is really about?

I am a very logical person and most mystical things do not impress me because there is such a huge human element involved. When you involve so many human attributes to an experience there becomes an emotional aspect that taints objectivity. But when you look to someone like Edgar Cayce his psyche abilities are undeniable. There must be a realm within the human psyche that has an ability to sense beyond the normal range of possibilities. It would have to be within the realm of nature because objectivity must be a part of the equation to make it true, and provable. But just as with the dream, if the events depicted by the imagery of the dream equal the experiences of the dreamer's life, then it must fit, must be true. If once again a major event occurs that no one suspected or predicted and there is a knowledge before hand then the precognitive aspects must be real. I suspect, as with the two events of 9/11 and Katrina, if there is something brewing I am not the only one who 'feels' the vibes. These are predictions because I am not predicting an actual event. These are sensory impulses and like other impulses that can be developed with effort {the intuitive senses being among them} I believe in such mysteries, although they are not really mysteries at all.

** psyche vs psychic
Psyche is a natural aspect of the human condition, the totality of the mental processes, conscious as well as unconscious. A condition that IS available through ordinary sensory perceptions.

Psychic is a person who is able to sense things that are 'not available through ordinary sensory perceptions'.

To have senses available through ordinary sensor perception doesn't require 'magical' abilities. Someone who claims to have abilities beyond the normal sensory perceptions is either an Edgar Cayce {NOT!} or someone who is taking your money and giving you nothing.


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