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My legs wont work!

Hi Jerry and all! Happy Halloween!

I usually have a rough idea where my dreams are leading/advising me to go. This last week I have had quite a few dreams and I cannot untie them, probably because I am in a muddle at the moment. I hope you can help me with your experience Jerry you have been fantastic unfolding my dreams in the past.

I am on top of a hill wanting to bring down a chair with my 15 yr old Daughter
we slide down together on a huge fun park type slide holding hands, I look at my Daughter and say this is actually fun. (I am usually scared of fun park rides etc) We are both smiling and happy.
Next I am at a booth I have a baby with me, the slide has ended and there is now steps down the hill but there is steps missing and huge gaps with a long drop. The assistant at the booth says if your child breaks there leg the hospital will give you a lift down if not its an hour walk to the bottom. I manage to get back up the couple of steps i had gone down.
My daughter and i go into a toilet to change the babys nappy, my daughter sees a cigarette on the side she picks it up (she does smoke not in front of me but I am aware she does) a girl comes out from one of the toilet cubicles and says she had a cigarette on the side and its gone. My Daughter is honest and gives it back the girl is really pleased with her honesty and makes us a cup of tea. We make our way down the rest of the hill on a train.
I have a wooden hut type home and my daughter asks if she can visit my ex partner (my daughter is not keen on him at all) I arrange for her to see him when i speak to him on the phone his voice sounds softer less harsh. He picks her up and they go to his mums house.

Second dream:
Sitting at the dinner table with my present boyfriends children his son of 6 was swearing, i am collecting food from the cupboard for them to eat and bringing it to the table. a young girl who has long dark hair like his daughter she has a toenail on the back of her toe as well as the front.

Third dream:
I was in a house there was a large bookshelf at the back someone came in for some water and turned on a tap on the bookshelf wall it flooded down from the ceiling down the back of bookshelf we quickly turned off switch. wasps, insects and beetles were coming out of the books.

Fourth dream:
an ice cream scoop fell in a fish tank my sister and her partner where there (they are unable to conceive) A girl my age was crying as her soldier boyfriend left her for a German girl. she said she was happy that he is happy.

fifth dream:
a baby sliding down roof tiles they were really wide like wooden floor boards. the baby was having fun and safe as it was a roof terrace. I have a vague recollection of walking on the roof top edge.
My boyfriends boy is on top of a bunk bed he wanted help down but kept being cheeky and not polite so I wouldnt help him down. My boyfriend helped him down and i confronted him on not supporting he said something but not sure what was said.

Sixth dream:
Firefighters carrying a man on a stretcher (my boyfriend is a firefighter) they had blood on there clothes they took the man through a doorway.
I was somewhere in London i think (i do not live in the city) we had arranged to stay at a house. i lost my boyfriend when i went into a shop, i was in the carpark on the floor and my legs wouldnt work they kept giving way. I see his car (it was actually my car) by the time i got up he had gone. I managed to get a taxi but when we got to the house i see a girl run down the stairs through the window. i asked the driver to wait and he agreed but had the meter running. i was trying to call my boyfriend but couldnt get through. it was dark i felt alone scared and in a strange place. suddenly my friend was in the cab and it was now a small shuttle bus she gave me some money to pay taxi which was £50.
During this dream i was speaking to my boyfriends ex and she told me he used to give her 20 mins to get certain things done. i felt like i didnt know him. she said something about a bean can being thrown i asked is he threw it at her she siad she threw it at him. i was pregnant or considering being pregnant with my boyfriend when i suddenly had a moment of realization that if we split up i would be a single mum again and i didnt want that.

I thought i should post them all as i feel they link in. At this moment in time my boyfreind of two years is putting his house on the market and going to move in with me and my girls of 18 and 15. I have been confused one moment it feels right then im scared of committing probably due to past experiences.

Thanks for your time

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Re: My legs wont work!

First Dream
Being on top of the hill my suggest you have accomplished something or have realized something important in your life. It would something that has a relationship with your daughter {your daughter most likely being first a literal application and possibly a secondary symbolic representation to your own life as a teenager}. It is a positive aspect and probably related to something in your life that you have had to overcome {I am usually scared of fun park rides etc} and must utilize it so there is an actual 'happy' application in your waking life.

But there may be more or new {baby} to learn/realize about this aspect that you have ascended to {realizing new aspects about your life}. The booth would represent an aspect that may have been repressed or 'walled off' {the booth representing a small area set off by walls}

Any descension downward is usually symbolic of going deeper 'within'. The gaps may be repressed aspects that have been debilitating emotionally in your life but you are now working to 'change'. Awareness may be a primary part of the dream. Awareness of something that was once repressed but you are now addressing/confronting. You must be honest with yourself if these realizations are to work.

The part about your ex-partner may be a literal aspect as well as addressing an acceptance of some aspect within yourself. It may be you had experiences as a teen that reflect that of your daughter. This may be about such early life relationships {less harsh} that have manifest in your life that is affecting your daughter.

These are pretty much cursory interpretations to the next four dreams because they are short. The last dream may be 'telling' something about current emotional fears that have roots from early life.

Dream Two
The significance in this dream would be the young girl with black hair. This is most likely about you, possibly your own childhood. The toe is a large aspect of the principles that make up who you are. The toenail on both sides may suggest a protection of the inner and outer aspects of your life. Conscious contents that you are aware of and unconscious contents that you have yet to realize.

Dream Three
The house is you of course. The 'back' bookshelf, the unconscious, holds the 'contents' about your life. Something or someone has 'turned on' the tap that wants to flood your emotional life. Turning off the switch may be repressing these contents, or at least
all the annoying aspects.

Dream Four
Those 'frozen' aspects that are within the unconscious/fish tank have been unable to be conceived consciously. Your sister may be more of a 'related' aspect having to do with 'your' partner or past relationships {ex-partner} which may be addressing past experiences}.

Dream Five
Something new in your life {baby}. This may have to do with the 'new man' in your life. But there are aspects about that which 'go back' to other times. There may be 'support' issues involved. Perhaps to do with your bf.

Dream Six
Your bf is being carried on a stretcher which may suggest you feel he is in need of 'being carried'. His car is your car, which may be saying something you will recognize about the relationship {is there a pattern developing about this relationship?}. Again, support/leg issues seem to be a part of the conflict. You can't get through to him.
Alternatively your bf may be addressing your own masculine aspects. Replace your actual bf with your own animus aspects. This may be going to patterns of behavior you possess. It may be pointing to recurring patterns of behavior on your part.

But there does seem to be conflicts about the actual relationship. With your final statement, something I just now read, this seems to be applicable. And the statement about past experiences. That fits with recurring patterns of behavior, something that may be real {do the men in your life fit a particular pattern?} or a fear because of past relationships. Most dreams, and with the images of children and teens in your other dreams it may fit, do address the deeper issues that go to the root of emotional conflicts. Early life influences have a 'GREAT' deal to do with how we live life as adults. Look at those possible repressed issues from the first dream, something you may now be addressing/confronting if not consciously then unconsciously, and see where they may have a relationship to your current waking life. Your teen life may have a great influence on how you live your adult life. What similarities are there bewteen the two?

After looking back at all the dreams there does seem to be a relationship to your past, recent relationships as well as childhood/teenage experiences. Current fears about your bf moving in are a part of the emotional concerns. But the deeper issues are there also, the root to how you may choose your relationships which may reflect influences from earlier life {look at that time and determine what may be a factor to how and who you choose as partners in your adult life}. You will need to tie the loose ends.


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Re: My legs wont work!

HI Jerry
Thanks so much for your time.
I have built bridges with my Daughter recently as she had drifted for a while into teenage solitude. We are starting a new journey in our relationship. I do see some similarities in my past as a teenager and my daughters. She can be very naive with boys.

Upon reflection i do feel my legs not working dream could reflect my animus

These dreams really showed me some stuff to reflect upon and work on.

Thanks again Jerry

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Re: My legs wont work!

Thanks for the response. If the interpretations help you better focus on the conflicts in your life then we are making progress. Reflecting on the past is what is needed in resolving such problems. People tend not want to take the time to do the 'inner' work that is needed in confronting the negatives in life and thus never find a true balance and harmony. Self examination is a process that requires time and effort. For you begin so early of the mid-life stage will be great benefit as you travel those mid life years. Who you are today and who you will be in the future has its foundations in the past.

The 'inner' realization that your daughter is much like yourself can be of great benefit {you probably were aware of the sameness but to have it confirmed in your dreams is a therapeutic event that goes beyond mere conscious thinking}. If you can get her to listen to you about your experiences, the rights and wrongs in how you handled them, that can be a major plus for her. Wisdom comes from experience and raising children often depends on how we use that wisdom. Getting your daughter to understand she possesses many of the same tendencies you have can be a mirror she can reflect on that shows her just how her life will unravel. Like mother like daughter. Likeness is seldom just by chance.

But first there must be a realization how it all evolved in your life. You are on the right path in doing that, your interest in your dreams providing insights to your past. And your emotional self at this stage of your life. Stay that course, do the required inner work and both you and your daughter will benefit greatly. And if you can get her interested in her dreams, just image how better off she will be prepared in her life for what is to come. That is a gift that keeps on giving.

Jerry ]meditate]

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