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Red Light

I'm in my car driving. My boyfriend is sitting next to me, he takes my hand but I don't see him as my eyes are fixed on the road ahead. It's night and I'm downtown in an area I'm very unfamiliar with. I know we came down here for a party but I have the feeling we never made it there. There's no music playing, which I find odd, but I can hear my friend Tyler in the backseat.
I feel like the car is going too fast almost like it's the one in control of where we go. I'm afraid. I worry about getting home on time. I run a red light and my boyfriend offers to take the wheel but I decline insisting that 'I'm fine' and that he'd be worse to drive right now anyway.

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Re: Red Light

On a personal, looking at more recent waking experiences in your life the dream may be addressing the following {dreams address both recent waking life experiences and deeper emotional issues}.

On a personal level your relationship may not be going anywhere. Do you feel stagnated in the relationship? Are you concerned about his 'taking control'? This may be saying something about your personality. Are you a person who prefers to control their own destiny, be in control of your own life?

On a deeper level.
The car is you. Your focus is more focused on looking ahead, perhaps to other possibilities/opportunities in your life, more so than the present and your bf. You may be concerned about the future, striving to reach a particular place in life. Something about Tyler has your interest, possibly aspects about him you admire. Where is he headed in life? Although consciously these seem to be minor concerns, deep down they are more serious.

At this point in your life you may feel you are not in control. At the worst you feel stagnated. Your bf's offer to take control is not what you think is best. You are your own person.

These deeper issues would be about concerns for your future. You probably feel you are not getting where you want to go and are worried about the future.


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