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School Dreams

hi, i have dreams about school that often reoccur throughout my life in no particular order. In these dreams i often times don't know the other kids there and i feel a strong sense of urgency to get to my classes. Nearly every time i try to find the class the school rearranges its self and the classroom is no longer there, and if i do find the class, then i sit down and everyone tells me i don't have my homework done and constantly express their disgust for me.

I was just wondering why i can't ever have a normal school dream.

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Re: School Dreams

Such a simple 'school' dream that probably addresses the whole person that you are. I'll explain.

Although there may be deeper issues your dreams are trying to expose {I'll speak to those later in my interpretation}, dreams of a young person will first address everyday, normal stresses.
Your dreams are what we call anxiety dreams. The normal routine you practice everyday where there is some emotional stress appear in your dreams as 'being late to class' even though you may never are, or 'not having your home work; when you always do. It is the 'emotional fear' that prompts such dreams reflecting peer and authority pressures. The reason for such dreams is to help keep you focused on those important aspects in your life {an education being most important at this stage of your life}. Dreams are therapeutic in that they provide guidance to emotional and stressful events/experiences in life.

As for the deeper issues that the dream may be trying to get you to focus on your life in general {dreams have at least two interpretations and will focus on 'all' of the unresolved emotional issues in the dreamer's life, using the same symbols to address both}.
The language in the dream "the school rearranges itself" would represent the 'rearranging' of priorities, aspects in your life in general. The school is you and your learning experiences in life. Plus, at the age of 15 you are undergoing physical as well as psychological 'rearrangements', the normal processes of life. The 'classroom that is no longer there' may be speaking to those experiences/aspects in your life that have changed to something more interesting as you grow older {for instance, giving up an interest in skate boarding and gaining an interest in cars}. And while the dream is addressing current waking stressful fears of 'not having your homework' for school purposes, the larger fear would be not having the proper tools to compete or 'fit in' with your peers {not having a car like other adolescents your age as an example}. The disgust you feel in the dream would be disgust at your position in life, and perhaps having to compete and 'fit in' in general.

Dreams speak in the language of symbol and metaphor with the intent to get the dreamer to focus on unresolved emotional issues, current waking experiences as well as the deeper issues accumulated in life {the older you get the more emotional 'baggage' you accumulate}. Not being able to have a 'normal school dream' probably is reflecting on the deeper emotional issues. Being unable to 'fit in' because of economic reasons, emotional status, peer pressure that you do not relate to but try to abide by anyway, these are but a few of the reasons of not having a normal life where education in life has been disrupted.

An example from my childhood
I grew up poor and in school I was always pointed out as needy, the kid {or one of them } who got free lunches, free shoes, etc. I felt like I was 'less' than other kids. This stunted my personal growth that lasted into adulthood. Such emotional experiences at an early age will show themselves in dreams, the intent to help the dreamer resolve the emotional issues associated with waking life experiences. Even when the dreamer is too young to understand, or in later life when the adult ignores the dream, there is still a therapeutic/healing effect associated with having such dreams. It is nature's way of helping the person cope, much like the body's immune system that helps it cope with whatever tries to invade the body and cause illnesses.

In summary your dreams are probably addressing those everyday issues a 15 year would experience. But some of the language suggests you may have deeper emotional issues you are having to confront, having to do with home and relationships with parents and siblings. You can not have a 'normal school' dream because your 'learning' experiences at home are probably not what they should be. Those issues may run deep {as mine did}. But depending on personality and the ability to cope they may be overly emotional only because of your ego persona and maturity.


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Re: School Dreams

Thank you very much sir! I do believe you got it right and thanks for the response and the time spent writing it :)

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 15 Oregon

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