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Chased by dog

I had a dream last night where I was in some public place (maybe a dogcare facility), I was talking to this woman (stranger) and she was with her dog. The dog was muzzled and she was telling me why the dog needed to be muzzled (I forgot), then she left the room but the dog stayed behind and the dog started coming at me, and instinctively I starting running away from it, then the woman reappeared and subdued the dog. I woke up and recalled the dream, and in my half wake and half asleep state the thought came to my mind, "the dog was muzzled, why was I running?"

Then I got up from the bed and wrote the dream down. Then I went back to sleep. And I had another dream of my friend Ian's big pit bull coming at me, and instinctively I pulled out my knife and stabbed it and Ian subdued the dog. Then me and Ian was having a conversation which I kind of forgot, but the dog was no longer there in the scene. But it didn't die.

What does this mean? am I worried about unnecessary things?

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Re: Chased by dog

Generic, unknown people usually point to aspects of the dreamer. And the dog {which may be in need of healing-dogcare facility} may represent particular attitudes you possess having to do with feminine/anima qualities. These qualities have been 'muzzled' and may be in need of 'repair'. Or they may need to be muzzled so the feminine qualities rise to the top {feminine aspects being higher aspects of teh psyche}.

There also seems to be instinctive qualities to this dream {instinctive attitudes represented by the dog, and your 'instinctively running away}. This may suggest inherent qualities you possess that prompt you to 'run away' from particular experiences you are confronted with in life. The inherent aspect would come from early life experiences, perhaps as early as childhood {it is my belief, and experience in working with dreams, such inherent aspects are often a part of the dream, the intent being to direct the dreamer to the source of the inherent aspects}.

In the dream the 'dog' seems threatening only when the woman disappears. This may suggest that when certain feminine qualities you possess are absent, or not used, then the 'dog' become a threat. These would be 'oppsoite' qualities in conflict, perhaps to do with personality traits. Meaning, when you do not use these feminine qualities, or let them take the lead, you resort to other attitudes that are a threat to your inner self, your better qualities. When these feminine aspects are utilized the 'dog', or perhaps lesser 'animal', attitudes are subdued.

An example that comes to mind that would fit with such symbols would be a temper that is out of control when a person does not utilize their higher qualities, feminine aspects. Look to similar experiences, especially recent waking experiences, to understand the dream and its relationship to those current life experiences. Then look to the deeper possibilities where when those feminine aspects are not in the lead you revert to lesser attitudes or personality traits. The underlying cause for such attitudes, and perhaps the inability to always use those higher qualities, feminine, would come from earlier life experiences, inherent in that you picked them up early in life.

Could it be that you are afraid of using these feminine aspects due to early life experiences. This would be the deeper meaning the dream may be trying to address.
The recent waking experiences would be about something you have recently experienced having to do with these qualities, or lack of.
You will need to be the 'detective' here and discern what fits where.

As for worrying about unnecessary things. I don't see any indication of that. Just the opposite. Not necessarily a worry but an aspect that needs addressing, this seems to be what the dream is focused on.


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