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Yusuf Islam and I are dating?

I know it's the day before Thanksgiving so please don't feel compelled to answer anytime soon. Thank you in advance for reading and responding.

This all takes place in New York City.

It starts out hanging out with friends. I meet an old lady (seriously, 60-ish) and we start dating. She and I hang out for a while, just seem to putt around her apartment and I start to get bored so I exchange her for a younger guy (more around my age of 24) who happens to be her downstairs neighbor. This guy is too much into drugs and alcohol and I leave him. One thing to note – her apartment had lots of windows and sunlight, while his was like a basement apartment and didn’t have much light at all. Mind you, there’s no sex in this dream.

Now jump to me, advocating for hunger policy reform, which is what I actually do in real life. I meet a young Jewish man (one that I’ve actually met in real life through a previous job, but he was one of MANY employees and we weren’t close at all) at work where he asked me to join him and his family for dinner so that I can become better acquainted with the neighborhood (is in NYC, but on the FAR outskirts; was almost like we were in a rural area, will get back to this later). Later that evening, I go over to this man’s apartment located in a large apartment complex, but his was in the back facing vast, vacant land and sit down and have dinner with him and his family. I was introduced to someone who looked EXACTLY like Yusuf Islam, except younger, maybe in his early 30’s. This gentleman and I talked all night about our work in feeding hungry people and advocating on their behalf. He invited me back the next evening for dinner again. We hugged.

I came back the next night for dinner. I noticed a lot of men dressed as if they’re from the Middle East standing around the back of the apartment complex, staring at me. I didn’t think much of it and walked to the apartment.

Guy who looks like Yusuf Islam showed me in and we got settled at the table when in walks a well-respected matriarch in their clan. She is someone with which I’ve worked in the past, the actual mother of the first young Jewish man I was talking about earlier. She said that she was “honored to meet me” and then stated: “Yusuf, I’m so glad that you are seeing this young lady. She is very good at what she does.” She then tells everyone in the room the Yusuf and I are dating, which was news to me. Yusuf held my hand and acted as if we were dating. We again talked all night around life and doing what is right in our hearts. We twice kiss each other on the cheek. I go home for the evening.

Yusuf and I go out the next day. We are bombarded with photographers and paparazzi. I picked up a tabloid paper and saw the cover story: “YUSUF ISLAM IS DATING AGAIN!” It was a whirlwind that was very unexpected. Yusuf and I go shopping for a while, then we kiss each other and he drops me off at home.
The next day, I go over to his family’s apartment.
The Middle Eastern men are all outside, with large boxes everywhere. I look around on the ground and there are shells from guns all over the place, and the men are shooting what look like semi-automatic rifles, large ones at that. I heard some of them mutter about attacking something or someone. I am scared that they are talking about me or Yusuf so I run to meet him where he is waiting on the balcony for me. I get up to where he is, we hug and kiss each other. As we are turning to enter the apartment, two young African American men walk by and one raises his hand and shoots Yusuf in the head. They looked like a gang member with tattoos all over and one pant leg rolled up on his pants. I cry and fall to the ground next to Yusuf’s lifeless body.

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Re: Yusuf Islam and I are dating?

Not a problem with the date. Dreams do not take a holiday and when possible I wish to help in understanding what they may be trying to convey and the message they have to offer.

As with all dreams there would be two discernible interpretations to every dream. The personal aspect to this dream may involve recent waking experiences having to do with 'old ladies' and young men, especially 'foreign' acquaintances. It could be focusing on religious experiences or related religious experiences of people you know or have met. That would be something only you would know and a need to examine the past several days to determine what may fit with this part of the dream as well as the whole dream.

As for the deeper aspects in the first part of the dream, here is what I see that may fit.
The old lady may represent your maturing self {getting old}, an aspect of life you have recently given thought to {dating}. The idea of getting old isn't something you relish. But because you do identify with this gender aspect there are brighter days than the other possibilities {the masculine gender}.
The younger guy would be an 'immature' masculine aspect. The drugs and alcohol would represent not controlling who you are, negative aspects to what you would unconsciously {basement} consider to be something contrary to your true self.

The rest of the dream, in the context of having two interpretations, seems to be more focused on recent waking experiences although the deeper aspects are there also. I say this because of your age and the aspects that seem to fit with personal experiences more so than the deeper issues that an older person's dreams would be more focused. But I will provide my thoughts on the possible deeper aspects.

The deeper aspects may have to do with inner conflicts, possibly related acceptance from others as to who you are. The Middle Eastern men vs Jewish men would be a conflict of consciousness, perhaps real in your waking life but also representing aspects about your own identity {other people accepting who you are}. There may be elements of religion involved. But the conflict of identity, as represented by Yusuf Islam {Cat Stevens} seems to be the central issue. {Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens has just recently returned to singing his old songs after having denounced that aspect of his life as unacceptable due to his changed religious ideas of Islam}. Just as Yusuf, you too may beginning to accept aspects of yourself as the true self {as the dream states 'EXACTLY like Yusuf Islam'}. But you are in the early stages of this acceptance. Hugging him would be embracing your true self.

The 'well respected matriarch of the clan' would be that feminine aspect probably related to the older lady in the first part of the dream {keep in mind that unknown or unrecognized people in a dream most often represent aspects of yourself, the males as well as the females}. But once again we see the opposites {representing opposites, or conflicts within yourself}, the matriarch of the clan of Islam vs being the mother of the young Jewish guy.

The need for a positive recognition by this other part of yourself {wiser, mature self} may be the central conflict the dream is trying to address. In your waking life you may still be 'shopping' for a real identity {a normal phase in life for a young person}. You are 'dating' the possible aspects of that identity but have yet completely embraced who you really are. The outer conflicts that have to do with that identity lay all around you {the shooting, shells laying all around}. Again Yusuf would represent your true self {corresponding to a masculine aspect that you possess} and the need/desire to embrace/ hug him would be the need/desire to embrace your true self.

The final act in the dream {every dream is an 'act in a play' of your life} there is an 'assassination' of the acceptance of who you are {shooting Yusuf in the head}. The unconscious aspects, those deeper fears that you may not admit to or recognize in your conscious life would be represented by the two black men who shoot Yusuf. There may be times when these aspects 'gang' up on you and you do actually shed tears. The emotional toll may at times overwhelm you.

As for the masculine aspects of the dream. That would be aspects related to identity that is in conflict. That is not as easily to determine, other than gender aspects {masculine identity vs feminine identity}. If you are the same Amanda who posted dreams earlier this year {same age, different locations} then you will most likely recognize the relationship. If not then we would need to identify what masculine aspects that are in play in your life.

As for teh waking experiences that are being addressed in your dream. Look at personal relationships and experiences from the past several days and see where the characters may fit. Then apply those aspects to you personal life and see how they fit. Again, the recent personal experiences are something only you can know about. Dreams will reveal the deeper aspects to a point they can be interpreted, at least along periphery boundaries that the dreamer can recognize from an interpretation. Hopefully some of the ideas I have presented will help you recognize the associations in your life.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


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