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Myths-Dreams-Symbols Website Hacked

If you visited the Myths-Dreams-Symbols website ovre the week end you may have seen a page that read:

HaCkEd By

 IslamiC GhOsTs TeaM

Dr.Xp      Mr.MoOoM      

Greets :

aB0 m0h4mM3d  & brn @ ir4dex & BASIL VIP & CutE P!sON

Raym0n &  Mr.NSR  & VeZiR.04  &SarBot511;& Q8 Hax0r ;& GeNeRaL

The Myths-Dreams-Symbols website was hacked as were all the other sites hosted by my server. Fortunately I had a backup to the index page to Myths-Dreams-Symbols and was able to quickly restore the original contents. Some other pages may have been affected. If you should come across a page that does not function please drop me at an e-mail.

Seems that my server has 80% of his clients being Christian oriented thus the hacking by this group. Of course anyone who has read enough pages at Myths-Dreams-Symbols knows my stance is spiritual and not religious. I promote WWJD/WWBD and not any religious doctrine. So it wasn't MDS that was the primary target. This time.


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