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Oddly depressing dream

The dream began with me loitering around a generic college cafeteria. I remember thinking to myself that I would wait around until someone I knew noticed me, which was somewhat frustrating because I kept seeing people I knew from high school exiting the building. Finally, a girl who I had a thing for during my senior year showed up and initiated conversation with me. Right off the bat she looked more grown up, and at first it was an awkward exchange. I would literally trip over myself and various things in the room while talking to her, but eventually I won her over and she invited me to her dorm room to have a beer with her (in a completely non sexual way- just two friends hanging out). This was a surprise to me, as she was always very straight edge and I knew she never approved of my drinking and drug habits during high school, this added to the feeling that she had changed or grown up during her time at college. So we set off on a convoluted path towards her dorm room, and eventually the environment changed from the generic college campus into a series of subterranean rooms that looked like long abandoned, ancient ruins. Each area was beautiful but desolate, and eventually I found myself in a cavern composed entirely of ice. She led me towards a small hole in the ice, and climbed through it, heading upwards. I tried to follow but my claustrophobia got the better of me and I tried to avoid the situation by pretending to be asleep. Beyond that I don't remember what happened aside from being rocketed through the tunnel by an unseen force after the ice melted. I awoke feeling full of regret that the experience was not real, the overall feeling of the dream was very surreal and mystic. The recognition that it was all very unrealistic made me depressed throughout the following day.

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Re: Oddly depressing dream

Your dream is probably addressing deeper inner emotional needs as well as current waking experiences that fit with those needs and were associated with those personal experiences. You will most likely need to fill in the 'blanks' when it comes to the personal aspects, recent waking experiences that fit with emotional desires. The deeper aspects is something the dream will often reveal and perhaps we can discern from the dream language {dreams use a language of symbol and metaphor}.

A cafeteria is a place where you get nourishment. In dreams that nourishment is most often referring to emotional nourishment. Because the cafeteria is at a 'generic' college it may represent a need for emotional nourishment on a higher level. Something you did not receive while in 'high school' and now need more than ever. That may be referencing actual relationships in your high schools years {on a personal level, girlfriends or close relationships with friends} but may also be addressing deeper issues from earlier life experiences having to do with family.

On a personal level you may have difficulties in having meaningful relationships with the opposite sex {awkward exchange and tripping over yourself}. Your drinking and drug habits may be one way you overcame these difficulties, or at least a way you thought would do so. The convoluted' path may be the 'involved' way you went about overcoming this issue, making something simple much harder {your drinking and drug habits actually making it worse}.

On a deeper level {anything subterranean usually means something deeper in the psyche, the deeper issues in your life} there may be more involved issues having to do with emotional nourishment, beyond the personal experiences in recent waking life. But these issues are common for most everyone {most everyone has issues involving emotional nourishment from early life}. The more recent needs are more likely the main focus of the dream.

There may be elements of 'fantasy' when it comes to 'conversing/relating' with the opposite sex. Do you have problems in this area? You may be 'emotionally immature' in this area {I know I was until after I graduated from high school} and because of this relationships have been 'on ice', hard to have. You are trying to climb out of this emotional dilemma but your habits {drinking and drugs} may be inhibiting your progress. It may be 'unrealistic' to think that anything other than being your real self will resolve these issues.

Look at what I have presented and see if it fits with your waking and emotional life. The girl in your dream may be associated with a real person but she may also represent your own 'feminine aspects, a need to mature as was the girl in your dream {the feeling that she had changed or grown up}. Growing up, being who you really are without the drinking in drugs may be one of the issues that need resolution. And the deeper issues, those that caused you to start the drinking and drugs, family oriented experiences, may be part of the underlying issues to why you have to resort to these habits.
It may be smart to start with the 'maturing' aspect first. Going from high school to college would suggest elevating yourself to a higher level and in Jungian psyche that would involve finding your true self and being that person.


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