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I dreamed that I was speaking to my grandmother about a set of duplicate keys I had which belonged to my mother. *Both my mom and grandmother have transitioned.

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Re: dream

Such a short dream is hard to pin point. But the statement about duplicate keys seems to be a direct reference to something you possess. It may or may not be an unconscious thing but if it is it may need to unlocked so your conscious self realizes the conflict or association might be. 'Opening up' to what it is may part of what the dream is trying to get you to focus on.

Although dreams speak in symbolic metaphor the actions help form the motif{s} in the dream. The motifs {dominant theme(s)}define the emotions that are in conflict,
need reconciliation or incorporation into your psyche. What that might be only you can know since the dream is about you your {specifically your
emotional life)
}. The dream will provide clues but seldom spells it out in words that are literal {see Lawrence's dream Death and Dying}.

Possibilities to Consider
The duplicate keys may 'unlock' aspects about your grandmother and your mother that you also possess or share. Perhaps inherent traits, personality, attitudes, etc. Or some other 'important' aspect relevant to your relationship with them {keep in mind your dream is about you and other known people would be about their relationship to you}. The keys belong to your mother {your relationship with your mother} and you possess those 'keys'. Your grandmother is your mother's mother and 'naturally' their would be inherent aspects their.

Also consider the relationship with both your mother and grandmother. The duplicate keys probably have associations with both.
The conversation with your grandmother would be a dialog with yourself, having
to do with your grandmother, {and/or whatever she may symbolically represent {dreams will address more than one aspect of your life, ie an example the relationship with your grandmother and her being symbolically of something about you}.

Wisdom Aspects
Look at the wisdom aspects, the grandmother, the wise feminine. The Anima aspects are definitely involved. To what extent again depends on your personal life, personality, total psyche. This aspect would not be about relationships but about feminine qualities you possess, and perhaps share. The feminine aspect would include intuitiveness, spirituality, creativity. You may be able to gain insights into one of those from both. The conversation with the wise feminine, the keys that belong to your mother {another wise feminine}.

The Here and Now
If this is very recent dream and with the holiday season the dream may be reflecting on emotions of both having made a transition. The love and affection you 'have', the fact they have made the transition, both could be duplicate keys in your dream. This could explain one aspect of the dream, more recent waking experiences.

But I have a belief all dreams address both recent waking emotional experiences and deeper issues or aspects of the dreamer's life. Hopefully you will be able to put what I have offered together with your waking life and determine what and/or where it fits. Although a short dream its direct and profound tone could mean a lot. The rest of the dream would also help determine more of its intent.


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