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Reaccuring male and Summer

Don't remember much so it probably doesn't make much sense. I had this dream the morning of Christmas.

The dream started out with me talking to this girl I never seen 
before. My surroundings seemed almost completely foreign except for 
The few things that represent where I live. I looked to still be 
sixteen except my hair had more of it's old red tint but was mostly 
dark brown in color and was devoid of my trademark blue streak on the 
Right side of my head. Along with my hair being longer and not it's 
Usual shoulder length. The season was probably summer because the girl 
was telling me to check out some girl named Rachael's pool.

I did what she said and walked to what seemed to be a higher middle 
class suburb. Since, I knew they wouldn't let me in I peered over the 
fence at the festivities. All just seemed casual to me but I continued 
to watch before jumping down or turning around a few seconds later. A 
guy I have been seeing in my dreams since I was young was behind me. 
Like always he looked different as if he was molding into an actual 
personality and wasn't just the future face of whoever this person is.

He had an amused smirk tugging at the left side of his lips. He wore a 
plain black t-shirt and jeans that looked kinda messy, as if he slept 
in them. "Having fun?" he asked with an equally amused lit. Being me, I 
put on my fake confidence and replied "Not particularly. I find it 
amusing how they haven't figured out how dull these gatherings are,"

This excited him because he knew what spark laid beneath the in-
different demeanor. Eventually, he asked me my name since we always 
have to reintroduce ourselves in the dreams. I lied this time because 
I knew he was twenty-one. The name I gave him was Katerina Petrov, a 
name I am quite fond of, not a full lie since my nickname is Katt. I 
also told him I was a nineteen year old Russian.

He extended his hand as if inviting me to walk with him. So, I did. 
Next, thing I knew we were in his house. We talked about things that 
interested us. Things that I never tell anyone else unless they are to 
be dead. He completely understood me and respected me as I him.

I still didn't know but I was afraid to ask because I knew I would 
wake up before he said it if I did. Another time skip and we were play 
fighting on the couch with him winning. Suddenly we stopped when he 
realized how close our faces were. It was like a moment in one of 
those romance comedy that I secretly like. He gently brushed my hair 
behind my ear before leaning in to kiss me.

Suddenly, my "uncle" and brother burst through the door causing us to 
jerk apart. Apparently, they have all been working together for the 
Summer and my family decided to have a few beers with their co-worker. 
I sneak out while he distracts them on my request.

The seen skips to me working the counter at some sort of shop with my 
Co-worker/friend talking about some problem of his. Eventually, we 
begin talking about the guy and what I should do. As we are talking 
about him the guy walks into the shop and shots me a dazzling smile.

Next, thing I know it is a montage of me and the guy hanging out and 
getting interrupted everyone we try to kiss. Then, I forget what 
happens next but me and him our standing in front of a truck with him 
telling me he doesn't care what anyone thinks of us. He leans his 
forehead against mine,I still don't know his real name at the moment, 
so he says his name as I wake up.


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Re: Reaccuring male and Summer

Your dreams are more difficult to understand because of your age. Young people's dreams involve much more recent experiences that only you can know about. But here is what I see in the dream.

First, the dream is most likely addressing your desire and need for attention by the opposite sex. Those needs would involve recent experiences as well as your overall desires. But I see deeper issues involving personality and most likely upbringing. In the dream there is this statement, "Being me, I put on my fake confidence". This may indicate you are not being your true self. I believe the deeper issues involve those aspects, not being your true self.
Here is what I gained from reading the various paragraphs {which makes it easier to read a dream, properly breaking down the dream into paragraphs}.

Here are my observations 'off the cuff' that came to mind reading your dream:

Discovering true self, higher aspirations. Feelings of inferiority, a need to mold yourself into who you should be. You are being someone other than yourself.

A desire to communicate with your bf. The deeper issues would be communicating with your masculine self {which may represent a need for a stronger personality}

Look to a recent experience involving your brother and perhaps your uncle. Something you didn't want to be a part of, didn't fit with who you are.

Looking for balance, a need to incorporate the masculine into your life. An imbalance in your life. You need to learn to love your true self.

Overall, other than the desire and need for attention from the opposite sex {normal for any teenager}, there is a need to discover and be your true self. You are most likely unable to do this because of earlier life experiences {and likely ongoing experiences involving family and current life}. You probably have feelings of inferiority and desire greater things. Something is holding you back. Look to your upbringing, those early life experiences that have molded you into who you are. You have little control over such experiences.

Something that is telling is the fact you are dating someone much older, and lawfully illegal {assuming your bf is actually 21}. When a young girl grows up in an environment that is lacking in proper direction and lacks the proper love and attention needed as a child, it is not uncommon to be attracted to older guys. This may be a precursor of later life where older men act as a substitute for the father. An older guy who 'extends his hand' in support of your needs is not rare in being an attractive alternative to your 'unfun life'.

Another observation that underlies who you are, or need to be. The dream starts out with, "with me talking to this girl I never seen before". That girl is the person you want and need to be and not the girl with the 'fake' confidence. Katerina Petrov is a 'lie', used to attract others that you feel will fill the void that is in your life. You should be the 'long haired girl devoid of the blue streak'. You look to be 16, your real age, and someone you do need to be and not someone else. But again, your early life experiences have shaped who you are. Changing that, those aspects that you need to change to be a truly confident person you wish to be, will be a long road to travel. The good news is you are very intelligent {with an ability to structure your thoughts into proper paragraphs}.

Let me provide a piece of info about myself that may be encouraging. Like you {assuming I am correct in my assumptions} I too came from a less than privileged background. I was very shy, withdrawn, not able to be my true self {I am a natural extrovert who as a child and teen lived an introverted life}. But by luck I was able, with help from a school teacher in high school, to overcome many of those introverted attitudes and become teh true extroverted person I am. Although this did not resolve many of the deeper issues from my lack of of having a good father figure in my life, it did take me out of the funk that could have made life much worse. So there is hope. But you need to look deeper at yourself and try to be that true person. I feel confident, partly because of the intelligence I sense you possess, you have the resources to succeed in this task. Fate, something that nature controls, will lean you a helping hand sometime soon. Be sure to take advantage of those helping resources. They will change your life.


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