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The Wedding

When kid, about 6, I was bridesmaid at an employee of my father's wedding. I have one picture of that event, posing with the newly weds at the church yard.

My dream : I dreamt I was looking in a drawer and there, I found two photos of that wedding. Two photos that I don't really have. In one, we could see the wedding table where the newly weds and I were sitting and in the other one, the newly weds were visiting the table (at the reception) where my family was sitting. Funny thing is that I was THINKING in my dream "How on Earth have these photos been here, since I never had such!"

Maybe it is interesting to notice this : I always remember this wedding because of the ...Bride's bouquet! It was made of hyacinths and its scent was so wonderful that I connected this smell to that wedding. Plus, my name IS Hyacinth!!!! They call me Cynthia out of Hyacinth. :)

Thank you for your attention! xx

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Re: The Wedding


Looking in a drawer suggests you are looking within yourself for some thing. The two photos, photos you don't have may suggest there is something in your life you don't have. Since you were at the table where the newlyweds were, it may be saying something about 'newly wedded' experiences, either/and from your past or in the present. Visiting a second table were the family, something that was not permanent {visiting}. That may be addressing family relationships. This is something you don't have.

Looking back at your recent posted dream A silver ring with black gemstone and the problems you have with your mother-in-law this dream may be addressing something about those family relationships. That dream, along with past memories, may be one of the 'newly wedded' experiences that brought this to mind. Has there been something, an experience, event or even a memory about hyacinths? Smells can often stimulate memories and those are carried over into a dream. Looking back, two photos you don't have, memories you have forgotten until recently stimulated by some thing, you may have had the feelings about 'to be' relationships with the brooms family.


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