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Constant wolves

Of late all my dreams are ending the same exact way and I have no idea way, it doesn't matter what the original dream was the same dream adapts to the first dream and the same thing happens. My good friend and I always end up running (she is behind me) and there are these intense growling white wolves that are coming straight at us. I have to catch each one and rip their jaws apart to kill them before the kill us. All the while my friend is just behind me screaming. I don't have a clue what this could mean. Also the fact that I keep having it I feel is another odd part of it. Please help.

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Re: Constant wolves

Taking a look at your waking life and recent events you may discover experiences or events that fit the dream. One example that may fit would have the wolves representing 'guys' who make sexual innuendos, you know, the construction guys who 'howl' at every good looking woman who passes by. You may feel threatened in many ways by such behavior yet you may have at times felt 'complimented'. Your friend, perhaps her real self, may have opposed this reaction on your part.

As for the deeper possibilities, and something I sense the dream is most likely addressing, there are emotional issues chasing you, threatening to come at you with 'no holds barred'. The white wolves would represent those negative aspects in your life that were at one time an innocent experience but have become something you are now afraid of {was not thought of as negative at the time of the experience{s} but now are threatening you}. This could be addressing childhood or earlier life experiences {white being your innocent self}. The wolves could represent an actual person{s} {a cruelly rapacious person}. Or they could be the actual emotional experinecs. Or both. Your friend would symbolize your positive self which is trying to keep you emotionally grounded {the screaming is an unconscious event}. Your dream may be telling you of the need to confront each of these negative experiences. {Ripping the jaws being the dream telling you need to confront those opposing emotions, parting the unconscious obstacles that prevent you from doing so}.

Look back at your life and determine what negative experiences could now threaten you emotionally. Are there any experiences in childhood or earlier in life that would fit? Dreams always have two interpretations, one addressing more recent waking experiences and the other the deeper emotional aspects. The first could have been a benign experience {guys howling sexual remarks} with the later being the deeper issues and the primary focus of the dream.


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