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two babies

Hi Jerry, enjoy a fine Sunday.

Tonight I dreamed I was a bit older than I am and had a daughter who gave birth to twins (my closes friend is in real, pregnant to twins!!). When I first say the babies were not really that little, not like newborns, they were like one month old. They both had very distinct features, one was looking exactly like my pregnant close friend (brunette) and the other one was blond, was looking at me with big eyes and was happily smiling. I felt my heart melting and the feeling was real! I almost woke up to this fulfilment feeling.
Thank you for your attention. :)

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Re: two babies

I want to add that this second baby, while smiling at me, showed me his two teeth growing and I was amazed that such a newborn baby had already two of his teeth there.

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Re: two babies

I believe the first thing we need to examine is the 'fulfillment' you felt when with the babies. It may be saying something about a desire to have baby in your life, fulfilling a desire {my impression of the wording of the dream, I had a daughter, is you do not now have a daughter}.

Also let's examine the twins as having metaphysical possibilities. Are you a Gemini in the zodiac? {the third sign of the zodiac}. There could be an association since the dream is about you.

Symbolically, yet still addressing personal waking issues now in your life, the dream could be addressing such a desire for a baby {if true}, as well as looking at something new that you wish for or need to fulfill your life {dreams address two aspects, the personal desire that you are consciously ware and the unconscious desires that you may not be aware of}. The 'twins' may be addressing the two aspects of the dream.

Being older may refer to being more wise, wisdom. Giving bith woud be giving birth to something new in your life. Twins, two new possibilities {could involve choices in your life}. The statement about the size of the babies could be focusing on experiences involving that time frame, one month old. If there are choices then the 'distinct features" may be aspects you need to consider about the two choices. The 'one looking exactly like your close friend' my have 'features that in some way realte to her. They need not have anything to do with her being pregnant but other features 'of course if the aspect of having a baby is tue then her being pregnant would be that feature}. The second choice was blond. Here are the possibilities of that symbol fromthe MDS Dream Dictionary:
A desire for a glamorous life {could be positive or negative}.
Blond may represent the fair side of the psyche, a harmoneous, balanced self {or a desire for this aspect}.

Looking at the second possibility, which choice if any would bring about true harmony and balance to your life? The second baby does seem to be the better choice whatever the decision.

Because of your age I will take it on myself to seek other counsel for help withis dream. You are at that stage of life where you are looking forward and that can make a big difference with the interpretation. an older person tends to look back at life and their dreams will reflect that more so than personal issues in the persent time.

Looking back at your last dream The Wedding we see there are also 'two' photos ina drawer {two aspects of your self/life}. And the newly weds could again be about 'new things' in your life.

Going back even further and looking at your dream
A silver ring with black gemstone we know from your response you have a problem with your mother-in-law. This may be the cause of 'one' imbalance in your life {your pregnant friend and you are 'close'. Perhaps a desire you wish you had in relatshionship with your mother-in-law?}. Would that bring a better balnec to your life?

I am offering several possibilities because of your age. I can read the dream and see certain symbolic representations but at your age there are many possibilities that fit into your waking life that I can not know about or that the dream reveals in detail.

Generally I see a desire for something new coming into your life that will provide fulfillment. Possibly two things or two possibilities. There could choices to be made between two aspects. Examine this and the other possibilities I have offered see where they may fit.


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