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Strange dreams about my mother, please help.

Hey Guys, I have been dealing with some strange dreams for a while, and I was hoping maybe someone here might have some insight. I have talked with my therapist about this and she seems to be stumped, so you guys are my only hope. A little background; Im 22 years old, have been living on my own for two years now. Previously I lived with my single mother, who is currently living in New York. We keep in contact, and have a very healthy relationship. I have been having these dreams for about a year now, I have had each of them so many times that they are like a clear image in my head at this point. At first they were not that frequent, but over time, they increased to the point that I have them several times a week. Alright, on to the dreams. The dream I have the most, usually starts of with my mom and me driving in a car. We usually reach a town, or some sort of village. The middle of the dream constantly changes, but the end result is almost always the same. It always comes to my mother physically fighting someone, in front of me. It shifts between being a brawl, to being an actual match. The length of the fight varies. It also seems that in the dream I never choose to intervene. The part of the dream that is absolutely always the same is the end. Whichever opponent my mother is fighting, wins. My mother always looks at me, and in the moment that she looks at me, her enemy hits her in the face, causing her to fall to the ground unconscious. In the dream I always run up to her and start trying to wake her up. The person she was fighting is never there past that point, it is just me and her. The rest of the dream just consists of me trying to wake her, but it is always to no avail. Something to note, is that in the dream my mom never has any blood or bruises, and that somehow I never fear for her safety, because I know for a fact that she is just unconscious. The dream usually ends with me stroking her hair, or simply holding her in my arms, waiting for her to wake. The second most frequent dream is a lot shorter, it usually consists of my mom playing catch with me on a grassy field. Unlike the other dreams, I am almost always a child in this one. After playing catch with a ball for a while, I suddenly feel as if I can throw the ball like Superman. At this point I always throw the ball at my mom, even though I know that It will be to fast for her to catch. The ball always hits her, and just like in the other dream, she always ends up unconscious, with me trying to wake her. So there you have it, very strange huh? There are other similar dreams I have about my mom, however they always end with her somehow rendered unconscious, I have even had a few where she simply faints in my arms. My therapist said to pay attention to what my mother wears in the dreams. What I noticed is that her clothes always change except for the fact that she is always barefoot. This is funny because my brother and I have a long running joke, that we have almost never seen our moms bare feet. Yet in every single dream I have about her, she has always been without shoes. I am really hoping that someone can provide some sort of theory on why I am having these dreams, or if not that than at least some sort of discussion. Because in all honesty, I don't think my therapist is very knowledgeable on this subject.

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Re: Strange dreams about my mother, please help.

What is it you wish to wake your 'mother up to'? Although you may have a good relationship with your mother unconsciously you have a conflict over some aspect of the relationship {fight}. Being in the same car {who is driving the car?} may suggest consciously you are agreeing with something the two of you share but in reality there is a conflict. Could it be the two of you at times are 'matching wits'? Does she 'pretend/seem' to give into you but the issue always resurfaces and the match continues? Is your, or maybe her, attitude a forceful one at times, an 'in your face' type thing? There are no bruises on the surface but internally there may be. It could be a conflict you disagree with she is engaged in. Their is a need for one or both of you to 'wake up' to reality.

The second dream may be addressing feelings of superiority {throw like Superman}. Again there may be the 'match of wits' where she can't match/catch up with you. You are too fast for her. Her ending up unconscious is probably your own unconscious feelings, perhaps opposite of how you act consciously {dreams often talk in riddles, her unconsciousness representing unconscious feelings on your part}.
Her changing clothes may be speaking to changing attitudes or positions. You may feel she does not have a sound 'footing' to stand on in her positions. Clothes are usually representative of persona or personality, how one wants to be perceived.

I can't judge your therapist as to qualifications but if he/she is not learned in Jungian dream psyche he/she may not be able to thoroughly understand dreams. I suggest you read up on Jung and his philosophy of dreams.

In summary, look at the relationship with your mother and apply what I have provided and see where it fits. Your dreams are about you, your emotions. The inclusion of your mother would suggest associations to your mother {although mother in a dream could symbolize your anima qualities **see below}. The symbols and metaphors {the language of dreams} in your dreams represent emotions associated with your mother. There does seem to be a conflict but not so much consciously spoken but more an unconscious attitude on your part. The 'matching of wits' seems to be applicable.

** Those feminine qualities you possess, your anima, may be similar in many ways to attitudes/personality your mother possesses. This may be true since both of you are 'riding in the same car'. I find this to be true in many of the posted dreams at the Dream Forum, the dream addressing personality types/issues.


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