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Toys in a tub

I was in a bathroom of house that I hadn't seen or visited before. In that bathroom there was a white bathtub and inside that tub there were few old toys from this holiday cottage that my grandparents used to own.
I only remember one of the toys; a blue plastic horse. The horse was about 11 inches tall. (In real life we didn't have this kind of toy, but in the dream I really felt theit were the toys from the cottage)

Behind the tub there was a bucket that was filled with those chemistry bottles made out of glass. Except these bottles were thinner, and taller. The bottom width was 2~ inches and the top width was ~0.11 inches. (I'm converting these sizes from CMs)They were ~7 inches tall and filled with water.

I started emptying the 'bottles' into the tub, but then got a shard of black/dark purple glass stuck in my finger. It seemed like a tiny shard, only like 0,04 inches ( 1 mm ), but after I removed it with tweezers, the actual shard was bigger, and it ripped through my skin when I removed it. The exit wound was the width of my finger.

After that I felt like the dream changed. It was about a white plastic container that ate aquarium fish..

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Re: Toys in a tub

Standard symbolic metaphor {the language of dreams} of a bathroom in a house would be something within your unconscious {the house is you} needs to be 'eliminated'. From the MDS Dream Dictionary:

Bathroom - A need to eliminate certain burdens or attitudes. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically. It may also indicate that you are having difficulties letting go of old emotions.

This is the setting for what the dream is primarily focused. It is something within your unconscious that you have not consciously given thought to for some time. It may have been 'eliminated' from your conscious mind but unconsciously it is still an unresolved emotional conflict.

Toys are something you play with. The bathtub may suggest washing away guilt feelings. White is often a symbolic term for 'innocence' or purity. You need to rid yourself of the burdens that you have been carrying. Being old would suggest something from the past. The cottage your grandparents owned may also be something to the past {used to own}. It also may be alluding to actual experiences having to do with grandparents or experiences 'in their house'.

A horse may symbolize emotions. It can also symbolize sexuality. Plastic is something fake. It may have something to do with something you did not possess, or experience' and the experience was something outside the norm of who you were {a house being who you really are, a cottage something alternative to that.

The bucket filled with chemistry bottles' may be a reference to a bucket of emotions with the chemistry being something you experiment with. Glass is transparent, something you are able to see through. Bottles may be something that has been bottled up. The mentioned sizes may be references to something that actual size.

Emptying the bottles may be a reference for a need to empty bottled bottled up emotions or past experiences. Only a part of these emotions may be consciously apparent. When you give more thought to it you get a 'bigger' picture of what the emotional experience was. The finger may symbolize dexterity, an ability to communicate past experiences. It also may symbolize the phallus go back to the horse. The exit wound, an emotional experience, would be what needs to be communicated from the unconscious to the conscious mind. This would be the final 'elimination of the emotions that you have kept bottled up.

I'm getting the impression the dream is addressing an experience{s} from the past. It may have something to do with the grandparents house {grandparent's house could also symbolize your own wisdom that is ready to understand the emotions involved}. Was there an experience from that time, or place, that brings back emotional conflict? Playing with toys, experimenting, something that may have recently been brought to mind that you have not given thought to in a long while. The guilt may have been an experience when you were young and innocent, something at the time was guilt ridden. But the experience may also have opened up realizations of something you have 'chemistry' for later in life.
Give thought to what I have suggested and let me know if it strikes cord. Perhaps we can find something that will provide more insights to what it is that has been bottled up and needs emotional cleansing. Something that may or may not be so serious but a natural emotional response to a new experience {innocence}.


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