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Bathroom Adventures!

It's the ...third time I'm trying to post it, let's hope this will be successful!

I was on my knees on the bathroom floor, close to the toilet as it was dirty and it wouldn't clear even after enough flushes. I thought it would be better if I took it out the house, so I detached it from the wall and I started pushing it towards the front door. The weird thing is that as I was pushing it, the excrements were multiplying and were almost flooding the toilet! I was quite distressed I would soil the whole house so I started pushing the toilet back to the bathroom where I re installed it again. I flushed, it did not clean but at least, it stopped increasing in volume.

I don't know if it is of significance, but last night just before sleep I watched on dvd the Black Swan (Natalie Portman etc). Although it was a great film it had a couple of scenes that annoying and I felt like taking my eyes away from the screen. It left me with a not so good feeling and that's how I went to sleep. Maybe I was influenced by that. I don't know. :)
Thank you for your attention.

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Re: Bathroom Adventures!

Something emotionally may be about to bring you to your 'knees' and it needs to be 'flushed' out, resolved. You may have tried to clear up the issue but emotionally it is increasingly {multiplying} harder to do. The emotional conflict is threatening to 'soil' your whole being {house}.

The movie may have had some influence on the dream but likely it would have been a stimulus for an existing emotional issue. The issue, as with the movie, may have been so disturbing you couldn't bear to confront it head on.

What issue is threatening to 'soil' you emotionally? We have established the issues with your mother-in-law. Could this have to do with that relationship? Is it getting so bad it is increasingly {multiplying} harder to deal with emotionally? Pushing the toilet back may be repressing anger or feelings but it is only a temporary solution to the problem.


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