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Married to My Friend but we weren't in love with each other...

It felt like I had this dream before, like it was a continuing telling the story, i guess you can say. The dream that I felt I had before was me getting married to my friend. In this dream I dreamed my sister and I were either on facebook or myspace...one of those. I remember showing her my "wedding' pictures, which weren't a lot, maybe four. If I am not mistaken my dress seemed like it was grey. I remember telling my sister that there wasn't a lot of pictures because we were the photographers or something like that. I remember thinking in the dream that we'll get remarried, and this time it will be bigger because at the wedding it was his family and that's it. It also felt like my mom was mad at me for doing it and that we got married because we were lonely. In the dream we weren't in love with each other or anything. I'm not "in love" with him in real life either. I remember going to the kitchen and opening the freezer and the twilight soundtrack was in there and I got it out to listen to it. Then I remember crying and then I Started washing the dishing and thinking that I need to get an annulment and I remember thinking that my friend would never go for that and I thought what If i went behind his back and got one. I also knew in the dream not to sleep with him because we would have to get a divorce instead of an annulment. I wanted this marriage to go away and disappear.

I have no idea why I would be dreaming about getting married, let along to the person I was getting married to because I don't have feelings for him at all.

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Re: Married to My Friend but we weren't in love with each other...

The dreams of a 21 year old can be very challenging. But I sense the jest of the dream is about making 'right' choices. Getting married just because of loneliness is not a good reason. And you wouldn't want your mother to be mad at you for doing something so stupid. Being whole and having a harmonious life {the number four is symbolic of wholeness/harmony} require much more than just a 'few' {also four, a small number} reasons for getting married. Making a wrong choice would lead to a need to remarry to find the right person. You must marry for love and not for the wrong reasons {not in love with him}. There may be moral issues having to do with your religion involved also {Catholics often seek annulments instead of divorce}.

There is also a good possibility the dream is addressing something entirely other than a real 'marriage'. But the theme of right choices would be the same. Are there any recent waking experiences where you felt a need to 'get married', committing to something you do not feel is the right thing to do? If you go through with the commitment then you would be in the position to to have it annulled. 'Sleeping with him' would mean you have made a commitment you know is wrong. This may be an intuitive decision that needs to be made. On the surface it may seem OK but intuitive/unconsciously you know better. Look at this possibility as much as an actual marriage.


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