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prophetic dream? or somthing more?

Last night I had a dream about my auntie. In real life I had visited my auntie in a hospice last week and when I saw her there was barely anything of her and she looked old and weak. In my dream, she looked like she did a few months ago before she became ill; quite overweight, but healthy. I don't remember much else about the dream except that I was trying to protect her from being trampled on by a crowd of people. Anyway, in the morning my Mum rang me to tell me that my auntie had passed away in the night. She passed away at quarter to twelve, and i must of had the dream a few hours later as I fell to sleep at 1 am. what could this mean?

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Re: prophetic dream? or somthing more?

The dream most likely is reflecting your own emotions having to do with your auntie. Being trampled could represent the emotional 'trampling' you may feel due to the declining condition of your auntie. The crowd of people would be the 'crowded emotions' within your psyche. There would be a natural desire to protect her, perhaps not wanting to show emotions while with her that would make her feel worse.

As for being prophetic, that is not usually what dreams do. And I don't see anything in the dream that 'predicts' anything other than what I described above. Your dreams are about your emotional life and your auntie would be a part of that. Her declining health, from what she was a few months earlier to the wasting away person you saw when you visited her would stir a lot of emotions within you. I think this is what the dream is addressing.


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