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Interpretations - Lawrenece, Cynthia, Jackie, Josiah

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Please accept my apologies. It will be Friday morning before I will be able answer dream requests. A long day yesterday {slaying the social dragon on my birthday} and another long day today, both beginning early and ending late. Success breeds responsibilities and success requires being on top of everything. I am the type who puts all his energies into a project and of course this project {the business I started 33 years ago} pays the bills. Unfortunately the mental energies required to be on top delutes those mental powers needed to properly interpret dreams. Or least in my case it does.

On the subject of success. A big part of that success is from being that spiritual person where 'doing the right thing' brings about a lot of new business. Referrals, word of mouth are the biggest part of new business we get. So from experience I can attest to the fact that Jung's 'spiritual aspect' is a truth. And as Joe Campbell often said, 'who needs faith {he was speaking about religion of course} when you have experience'. I am proud to say our business {my son is enjoying equal success in Orlando} is built on quality service and workmanship. Doing the right thing, the WWJD/WWBD thing, talking the talk but also walking the walk {something so many Christians, and other 'religions', fail to do}. But that requires so much of my time and takes away from working with dreams.

The Good news. This time next year I will be 62 and a one big step closer to early retirement. And hopefully the ability to spend all my time working with dreams.


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Re: Interpretations - Lawrenece, Cynthia, Jackie, Josiah

Take you time Jeff! I wish everything goes well at yours! I posted before but it didn't show so I'm writing again! hehe
All the best, Cynthia

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