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feeding a baby .

from last 15 years i m having this dream frequently ,i see a baby grl or boy doesnt matter but always he/she s an infant child ,i m taking care of him/her ,some time i see its my baby n some time he/she s anyother one's , but i treat him/her as mine ,i m playing wid him/her n after some time i realize he/she s hungry n then i start feeding to her, for 8, 9 years it was like i feed her breast feeding but now for the last 4 or 5 years most of times i feed her wid feeder bottle .in both types of dream there is plenty of milk more than enough to feed a baby .
plz tell me wats this i m watching in my dreams n why ?
i m completely blank abt why this dream comes so frequently ..

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Re: feeding a baby .

My impressions are the dream is about emotional nourishment. The child may be you. If not you a child you are related or close to. My guess it is you. The nourishment you need/needed as a child is lacking, possibly from your mother. She may have neglected you in favor of other siblings {particularly any brothers if the cultural tradition is of brothers being the more important child, more than a female child}. Her neglect could have been because of such traditions. Does that fit with your early life?

If not you as a child then your won child and the same traditions. It could be both.


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