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Nana at the Beach

Hello Jerry!
Here are 2 of Nana's dreams. She saw them this night and she usually wakes up and keeps notes of them so that she won't forget them and then goes back to sleep! hehe. I quote Nana :

" I'm driving my Jeep (her car is really a Jeep) to the Beach, having some good friends with me. Once we arrive I feel like wanting to go to the toilet and I'm much concerned as close to the toilet, is my stepsister and I have to be very careful on what I'll say and do. (as I've told you her relationship with stepsister is almost non existent after some traumatic events). I tell my friends to hide their baggages in the trunk of the car so that she won't see them but while I was heading to the toilet, a man told me not to go any further and change direction. To go and park somewhere else. So I did. My friend Daphne got upset of the incident and told me that now she can interpret my dream about "my mother and her bra!"... Daphne looked as if she knew very well what she was talking about, yet, I had no idea and could not understand her saying. While I am driving to find a new place to park, the car that's infront of mine, falls in a big street hole and begins to sink in the sand! As if it is a moving sand. I get upset, I rush to a kiosk where there is a phone, to call for help. I'm afraid the driver is about to get drowned. Maro, one of my friends was feeling guilty that it might be our fault but I tell them it isn't. Help doesn't arrive and in the meantime, my husband arrives and tries to call a friend for help.

Second short dream: I see my deceased father who wants to lie next to me, cuddle with me, just like my cats. I know he's dead and I get sad he has been so sick and cannot talk. I feel his presence as a corpse next to me... "

These are the 2 Nana's dreams.
Thank you!

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Re: Nana at the Beach

The first part of the first dream may seem pretty straightforward { dreams are not often straightforward}. The non-existent relationship with her step sister, someone she has eliminated {toilet} in her waking life is known. But unconsciously there remains conflicting emotions involving her step sister. There needs to be a resolution to that 'baggage' involving the step-sister, the influence of those 'traumatic' events being still parked in her psyche. That will require discipline and courage, masculine aspects {man telling her to change directions}.

The reference to Daphne may relate to actual waking experiences in some form but her inclusion in the dream as a friend would suggest positive aspects {friend} she possesses that Nanna identifies with. Not understanding what Daphne is saying would relate to something unclear in Nanna's psyche. It may be associated with repressed experiences. Attempting to interpret the dream {I don't remember such a dream} may be Nanna's attempt to discover truths about herself. That is what dreams do.

The car in front of Nanna's car would that person Nanna should see herself as being {an unconscious acknowledgement and not yet conscious, or some aspect that is repressed}. It is Nanna, or possibly/hopefully a fear, who is sinking deeper in the deep hole. There is a call for help, unconsciously the psyche/dream wishing to help in Nanna's recovery, and consciously a literal call for help. There is that FEAR of drowning in her emotional conflicts. Maro may be a conscious influence as would be Nanna's husband.

Is Nanna's progression still positive? The dream may be showcasing the fears she has in her recovery. There are still unresolved issues {involving the step sister}. She may need to acknowledge this aspect and find resolution. These two issues seem to be the primary statement in the dream.

The second dream most likely is dealing with the 'corpse' relationship with Nanna's father. The cuddling may refer to actual past experiences. The relationship is one that remains a conflict.


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