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A few dreams I just can't explain..

This first dream I had a few weeks ago. I was outside at night with some family and friends and we were joking and laughing. I was pregnant and I was joking around saying "I can't wait to have this baby already!" Then I thought about how much longer I had till I gave birth and I knew I was 6 months pregnant. I started talking to my mom and I told her I've never even had an ultrasound so I was worried for the baby and wondering what was even going on in my belly. For some reason I worried that my child would commit suicide. Then I said to my mom "I'm having twins, I just know it" My mom asked me why I would think that and I told her I just feel it, I know it's my intuition. Most of this entire conversation I'm staring at my belly and it starts changing as I'm expressing my concerns for my baby. First it starts looking kind of lumpy then it looks like theres cooked chicken skin over my stomach. Next thing I know, my stomach is not even attached to me anymore but it's on the chair in front of me and I'm still looking at it.
The next night or maybe a couple nights later I have another dream where I am pregnant. My godmother and mother are there and they were somewhat getting along (they don't speak anymore in reality) and I start thinking it'd be great if me being pregnant brought the family together again. Then I start thinking I know I am now 8 months pregnant but I start freaking out because 8 months ago I was still with my ex-boyfriend and I start getting so upset because I didn't want him to be the father at all, it was awful.
A night or so later in my dream I am standing in the front yard of some house I dont recognize. The front door opens and these two little girls about 4 yrs old maybe, with dark long hair come running out of the house smiling and running towards me calling me mommy and I know theyre my daughters. Now I'm not pregnant in real life, nor do i have any children and it's not exactly in my plans for the near future. So I'm really wondering what these dreams could mean. I also had a kind of disturbing weird dream last night. I was in a hospital and I see a woman doctor in the hall. A man on a stretcher is being brought by, his eyes are open but I know he cant speak or move. The Dr. looks down at him and basically says "I'm going to cut you up, youre going to feel it all then you'll be buried alive and you cant do anything about it!" I knew at that moment the Dr. was a psycho killer and I had to get out of there before she drugged me. Her and a nurse brought me into my room and the Dr. made me watch a video of abused animals so I got sentimental and gave the Dr. a hug and tried to show her I was on her side so she wouldnt kill me. I texted my mother while the Dr. wasnt looking and told her the Dr. was going to kill me and to please come help me. I knew she drugged me already because I started having trouble speaking. I distracted the Dr. enough to run away but I was disoriented from the drugs so it was hard to run. Still I ran through the halls and through the double doors to the outside. But then i realized I had left my phone and all my stuff on the bed in my room. I went back in and the dr. was gone, I assume looking for me so i grab what I can and this time go out the window. I'm grabbing onto the side of the building cause I'm up so high on this giant building. I start scaling the building and end up flying around this city from building to building. I realize i left my laptop in the room so i go back again to grab it and start flying around again. I think I may have gone to the roof of the hospital at one point, i was just hoping my mom would show up and bring me home. The sky was a weird purple color and not quite night time. I'd love to know what any of these dreams could possibly mean. Thank you!

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Re: A few dreams I just can't explain..


Although you are not pregnant the dream may be addressing issues involving your future children, especially daughters. The dream would be addressing deeper emotional issues. The pregnancy would represent something that is ready for 'new birth', something that is evolving that is within your unconscious that is in conflict. The suicide reference could represent your true emotions. The new birth may be experiences that have been stored in the unconscious and are beginning to show themselves consciously. It probably involves something you can not stomach. Beyond a real pregnancy the dream may be addressing other aspects of past relationships that you can not bear to deal with. But the unconscious knows even when the conscious mind refuses to do so. The twins may represent dual aspects you are dealing with. The detached stomach would be not acknowledging the truths in your life.

Look back to 6 and 8 months ago and determine if there were experiences that would have caused emotional conflicts. Often when numbers are included in a dream they are about such past experiences. Numbers most always have important meaning.

There may also be aspects to the dream about family. The godmother, mother and you. That may be a part of the emotional conflict but most likely not the primary conflict the dream is trying to address.

Second Dream

The second dream starts out about something unrecognized. Often this would be a reference to something about yourself that is not recognized or has not been acknowledged consciously {unconsciously it is an issue}. The four year old daughters most likely are a reference to you as a four year old {my experience in working with dreams is that such references in a dream about such experiences/appearances of youths is addressing actual experiences of the dreamer}. This past would be what has not been acknowledged, possibly repressed experiences. The opening door is an opening to remembering/acknowledging these experiences.

There seems to be a fear of repeating experiences, shared experiences involving 'mothers'. This may suggest issues with your mother and unconscious fears those experiences would be passed on to your daughters. What shared experiences with your mother are there. Unwanted pregnancies, issues of fatherhood?

The dream with the female doctor may represent a need for emotional healing within you. The actions toward the man may be emotions related to how you feel about some real person/man. This aspect of your life is an 'emotional killer' {female psycho killer}. This is a part of yourself and could relate to the suicide in the first dream. The abuse is most likely an experience in your life, either a real experience or something you witnessed, or both. Hugging the doctor may be a need to for self healing {such early life experiences leaves the child, who becomes an adult, with feelings of unwarranted self guilt}. This would be addressing any unconscious stimulus for stored up self guilt which could lead to thoughts of self destruction. A need for understanding as well as a need for forgiving others {once the issue is acknowledged and confronted}. The internal conflicts need to become conscious, a need to acknowledge these past experiences, make them conscious so a healing can take place. As long as they remain repressed/not acknowledged {the doctor trying to kill you} they will be an influence in/on your life.

The last part of this dream, the buildings, the rooms, the city would be aspects of yourself {you are these things}.

The ending involving your mom may be telling. The deepest desire of a child, including that inner child that never received the proper nourishment in actual childhood, is having love and attention from the parent. There is that desire, the need for that nourishment and a need for 'mom' to bring you home. Home would be a properly nourished child.

Are there deep emotional issues involving your mother? What experiences as a child need resolution? The pregnancy may be the birth of remembering or a need to resolve these issues. They also may be addressing fears about inherent behavior on your part that 'resembles' those of your mother. Unwanted pregnancies, fatherhood issues?


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Re: A few dreams I just can't explain..

Thank you so much, very insightful. I dont really have issues with my mother and there have been no unwanted pregnancies. But I think I understand better now. The first thing I thought about the Dr/hospital dream was if my brother is alright. He recently got married and moved far away and he has been sick. After the dream I heard from my mom that hes not doing well again and he went to the hospital last night. I worry about him I guess and it comes through in dreams often. I had another dream about him recently, it was right before his birthday but consciously I didnt even think his birthday was coming up. I went with my brother, cousin and some friends to a birthday party. It was for some other girl we knew in school but also we brought in a cake for my brother. The disturbing thing was the candles on the cake spelled R.I.P. I still wonder what this means. I thought maybe it was referring too our severed relationship now that he's married and moved away, but we've lived far from eachother before and barely talked or saw eachother so Im not sure.

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