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please help me interpret my dream...

last night, i saw in my dream our house which is very bare. it seemed like it's newly constructed. the kitchen was covered with tiles and the only appliance we have was a red oven. then when i went outside i saw a man running towards me, i don't know who he is but i felt that he is my relative. he's tall, fair and had the F4 hairstyle. He said that someone's coming that we need to run so we went to the lake. the water was color green. we kept on running then we saw jhong hilario, a tv actor, chasing us. as he tries to catch us he walked on a a nylon rope but the man i'm with whistled and white birds that look like big bird in sesame street came. it was scary when one by one these birds flew and lined up on the rope then ate the tv actor. i can't remember how my dream ended..

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Re: vulture

My sense of the dream is the newly constructed house {the house is you} is about something newly realized or remembered about your past, something that may be deep in the layers {tiles} of your unconscious. It would have something to do with 'nourishment' {kitchen} that is left barren, not having received the proper nourishment required in your life. There may have been improper experiences involved and that could lend itself to not having the proper nourishment as a child.

This thing may have been from your early years of childhood and lasted into later years. This may point to influences of early life experiences that have unconscious influence on your behavior as a teen and beyond. Something that is chasing you may be about those past experiences {perhaps involving a male relative}. This person may still be in your life and you have to 'walk a tight rope' in your relationship with him.

Are you in a relationship now {boyfriend}? This person may have associations that relate to this 'male relative'. They may possess similar qualities and when you look deeper those qualities could be 'scary'.

Look back at your childhood and determine if there were any emotional experiences with a male relative. Those past experiences are now being brought back to conscious thinking and may have to do with present male relationships.


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