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I was shot...

I had a dream about a week ago that has bothered me ever since. I was in some building with familiar faces, but couldn't remember any of the people around me. I was fully aware there was some commotion going on about a guy with a gun. I look up and he's standing in front of me. He shoots me three times, twice in my right arm and once in my right leg. I feel nothing. I look at my wounds and can see the bullets under my skin, but I'm not bleeding and can't feel the pain. Then the guy disappears and I wake up...

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Re: I was shot...

The dream most likely is addressing emotional issues that you either have forgotten or repressed. Something in under your skin that you can not feel is 'usual' dream language for 'there is some emotional issue hidden beneath the conscious self/mind'. The familiar but unremembered people are all aspects of yourself related to those past experiences that you wish not to remember because of the emotional conflict/pain. Unconsciously, and in your dreams, you know there are these issues {commotion}. The question is what is that is been blocked out?

The man with a gun could represent an actual experience with a man in your life that is associated with this emotional conflict. The gun could symbolize anger toward this person. In Freudian terms the gun could represent the penis. It could also represent someone with 'power' over you. Being shot could represent being 'harmed' by actions from this person. And/or aggressive feelings toward him. The arm and leg could represent abilities to function as you should {the experiences stored within the unconscious having an influence on your waking life as an adult}. The experiences have left you unconsciously numb. You inwardly know of these experiences but consciously have chosen not to deal with them, the bleeding being the loss of positive emotional energy.

The other possibility as to the inclusion of this man would be he is an aspect of your masculine self. It could be both. The anger would be toward yourself because of past painful experiences you feel responsible for and you are shooting yourself internally.

I would look to the first possibility for the man in the dream.

Look back at your life and determine what strong emotional experiences you have either chosen not to remember or have repressed, or possibilty had a lasting affect and you wish not to think about it {in which case, a mistake you may be prone to repeat}. What male person in your life would fit that role? A terrible childhood experience? Or perhaps a bad romantic relationship.


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