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Nana's scattered dreams

Tonight, Nana had some short dreams and it amazes me she remembers it all! hehe. I quote Nana:

1. I am at my father's clinic which is closed now, no one is working there, it's empty and I start looking for the W.C. I finally find it and it's dark, dirty and a bit scary. I'm imagining my father in his white robe being there, as he was the very soul of this clinic.

2. Panos my husband, my mother and me are sitting at McDonalds, together with many other people who are just sitting there, not having meal, as today, is the day McDonalds doesn't serve on tables, just giving packets for delivery. Next to us, a group of men in their 30's are sitting and are secretly eating, against the rule of the shop. A girl about 3y.o. is "flirting" with these men and we are smiling at the scene. A young antipathetic 10yo boy, starts saying that it is against the rules if we eat there, especially today that's Sunday! People get annoyed and start leaving the shop. Panos asks me to get up and leave too. I don't really want to - I just wanted to sit and eat at McDonalds not because I was hungry but because it was ...against the rules of the day!
I start telling Panos and mom, about my girlfriends and how very supportive they are and how much I love them and my mothers starts telling me how disgusting and dirty overweight people are and she wonders how my friends can even like me! I tell her to stop it otherwise I'll pretend I don't hear a word she says. She seems a bit scared by that and she says "OK". I take a piece of paper and I draw a figure showing the exact spot where my dermatologist has to cauterize again to make up some scar (this scar is true in my reality) I make a child like sketch, yet the spot with the damage shows clearly.

3. We are returning from an excursion and I see a shop that has a sign - in English!- reading like this " Hello, I love you, I'm still thinking of you!" I turn to Anna (she's my resident housekeeper) to go there and add (for me) the same phrase in Greek. (Anna is of Georgian nationality but speaks good Greek) It seems she understands that this sign is amorous, being addressed to someone and I blush a little, giving her the excuse that "ok, it's just a sign in English and I want to see it written in Greek too".

I hope we don't tire you, Jerry!
Thank you in advance!
Cynthia :)

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Re: Nana's scattered dreams

I will provide a summary of the dreams since we have pretty much addressed the issues in other dreams. Nana's dreams will focus on those emotional issues and evolve as she evolves.

The first dream is undoubtedly about Nana's relationship with her father. In Nana's imagination her father was the soul that healed.

In the second dream the message seems to be 'not being able to receive emotional nourishment'. The different people would represent different aspects of Nana's psyche and perhaps past experiences that left emotional impressions or scares {that is something Nana will have to work through since it is personal and only she can make the associations}. The desire is for the nourishment but the rules are not permitting such a relationship. There is no support from the mother, there is rebellion, tuning her mother out {this may be a reference to what she needs to do in her adult life, tuning out the negative aspects so to live a positive life}. There are scares, emotional scares.

The final dream is about loving herself {Nana} for who she is. The housekeeper represents her 'inner housekeeper' and the amorous relationship that provides a healing. It may also have to do with others who provide this service {therapist, vet}. The translation is the same no matter the language. Love thyself despite the inner turmoil and lack of proper emotional nourishment.


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