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Jean Raffa-Dreams Theatres of the Soul

One of my early inspirations into the dream world is Jean Raffa. She and I recently traded 'tweets' on Twitter and I am honored to have her as a follower. As a 'layperson' in the world of dream psyche it is indeed an honor to have her and other notable 'Jungians' as followers {the list is at my Twitter page MythsDreams}.

As for Jean, many years ago I created a page for her book Dream Theatres of the Soul. If you wish to gain some great insights to dreams I recommend this very small book full of dreams and their interpretations. It gives much attention dreams related to women and feminine issues.



Click on book to look inside

I also created {2004} pages for 6 of the dreams from her book. The first dream is titled 'Being A Good Girl'. Here is the dream:

I am sitting in the backseat of an open car. A beautiful, well-dressed, older blond-haired woman is sitting next to me. She is serene and comfortable. She looks at me and says, "You're cold aren't you?" I realize I have been trying to cover myself up with a blue fur coat. Then she says. "I learned long ago not to be afraid to bring along enough clothes to be comfortable".

Below is Jean's breakdown of the meaning of the primary symbols

Backseat: Inferior position; the ego relinquishing control.

Open Car: Traveling through life openly.

Older Blond-Haired Woman: A positive shadow figure, an older and wiser part of me; possibly a personification of the Self

Blue: A spiritual color of heaven, truth, purity; traditionally associated with the robes of the Virgin Mary; an unnatural color for a fur.

Fur: An especially warm coat associated with the instinctual world of animals; in our culture it can also be a status symbol that is worn to impress others.

Coat: The persona; an outermost item of clothing worn for protection from the cold.

Personal Meaning

I had this dream almost a year after I began working on my dreams. Its message contained both reassurance and a warning. On the positive side, when it came to my persona, my ego was taking a backseat to the Self, and I was becoming more open about my inner journey (open car). On the other hand, my persona (coat) was still unnatural and unsuitable; it was not keeping me warm enough. I was more concerned about covering (fur) myself with a 'good-girl' persona of purity and spirituality (blue) - a persona that I felt gave me status (fur) - than with something more human and down-to-earth, like a fiery red wool blanket or a natural fleeced-lined jacket or a down-filled parka. The Wise-Old Woman within me (older blond-haired woman) knew that my persona was too cool: I needed to warm up a little. I needed to expand my persona and risk being more natural instead of trying so hard to impress others with my goodness.

To read the Cultural Meaning of the dream and the other 5 dream pages see Dreams & Their Interpretations


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