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Fairy Tale, Ships and Lectures.

Greetings Jerry! How are you doing? I hope you are having a nice weekend!

Well, first, let me say that I had a great surprise yesterday. I was talking to a friend on MSN and he said that he liked me when we first met and wanted to... How say it in english... "snog" me, lets say, hope u get it. I got quite surprised and happy cause I like him too. But now he is dating, and it won't work for now...

Let's go to the dream... It was a mix of situations _and a lil bit big, sorry_ but really amazing at how clear it was, very real, not blur as usual for dreams. I don't remenber all of it, but first there was this big ship and it was moved by hands power and i mean it. All i could see all around was HANDS tied, obliged to move and work so the ship would go ahead. Then I was talking to a big black guy and he was thin and so kind. We were in the sun, and i nested in his arms, I had my headphones on and it was so good to be laying on his chest and I could feel the sun kissing my skin gently. It was amazing feeling really. So he left and I felt a bit sad. And then I was on a very high building that sort of floated, was like a school.

That's the interesting part. I was with friends waiting something, then I went to the next class and there was a woman there giving a lecture about how to be good on sex and stuff. So i sat to see it too. It was the middle of a discussion. Everybody had laughed at a woman cause she was always rude to men. And a guy said: yes, she was like that to me too and all I wanted was to be with her. And the woman stood up in a chair and said that yes, she had dificulties expressing herself and she assumed it but she was there to change. So the one who was giving a lecture took her in her arms and helped her "flying" around. And she was so light and happy. I was in my place and tryed to talk to a girl next me but, even though she wasn't rude in her words, i could see that she was very snob to me. She was very very beautiful and I remenber thinking that maybe i was snob too, that's why i hatted it so much on her. And then 2 actressed arrive and said: we will start playing Little Red Riding Hood, but then it wasn't the Little Red Riding Hood. It was more like Snow White mixed with Sleping beauty, cause the girl was all in golden dress and the mean step mother said some words. And my father woke me up.

Sorry again for the scary size of the dream But I sense that it was so clear, there is something on it.

Kisses, waiting for a detailed answer, pleeease, take your time.

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Re: Fairy Tale, Ships and Lectures.

My sense is the dream is addressing 'communication abilities', in particular your ability to express yourself with the opposite sex, and/or finding the right person who fits with your expectations and finding true expression in that relationship. Are you trying to find that 'perfect' man who will accept you as you are?

The second part of the dream may be addressing personality traits. Who is it you know who is rude toward men? What experiences have you had where there was a 'snobbish' woman? Who is it that fits the role of 'little innocent girl', Little Red Riding Hood?
Do you have a step mother? Do you sometimes have problems expressing yourself in certain situations?

I ask these questions because of your age. If you were older, in your late 30s to 50s I would suggest these are traits you possess, and they just may be. But dreams of younger people often address recent waking experiences where there is an emotional conflict. The types of personality traits I mentioned above may be addressing aspects of your personality {Little Red Riding Hood} but could also be addressing experiences with other people {mean step mother}. If you do not have a step mother then the traits mentioned would apply to you, fitting the 'fairly tale' motif. You would see yourself as an innocent person but others may see you as a bit snobbish. But even if there is a step mother the traits may be yours. Do some people think of you as snobbish? Or rude? Do you have such an attitude toward certain men if not men in general? Do you sometimes feel you are the 'innocent victim'?

Are you a virgin? I ask that question since the innocence of the dream may be addressing issues related to sex.


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