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Electric Snake

I am continually dreaming about snakes; as indicated in the last dream I posted. A dream equally as "strong" as that dreamed occurred last night - also about snakes.

The dream occurred in the house ( and town) I currently reside in. I dreamt that the townspeople had heard that I had sighted a large snake with a blue electric tail had been sited in the rockery/garden at the front of my home. The understood the snake to be highly dangerous, deadly in fact. The arrived - on mass - with forks and spades to search through my rockery for the snake in order to remove it. I observed them doing this from my front door and grew in frustration; I felt my privacy had been invaded and, whilst comprehending that the snake was dangerous, did not have the same fanatical concern that they did.

They could not find the snake and so, still concerned with how dangerous the snake was, decided - without consultation - to remove my rockery/garden to ensure the snake was not hiding or, if the snake was gone, would not return. They left a concrete wall where my garden once was. I became upset and confronting them, reminding them that I spent three hours that morning tending to that garden they had just destroyed.

I was so upset I went inside and had decided to lay down to comfort myself. Whilst trying to lay down I noticed four brown snakes slithering under my desk drawers. They were not electric snakes like the one outside, but I was (for the first time) nonetheless frightened. I ran outside in the hope that one of the townspeople would help me, but I felt embarrassed because of the way I had berated them previously. As such I said, nonchalantly, "I don't suppose anyone is interested in the fact there are four snakes in my bedroom". Before I could assess their reaction I woke up.

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Re: Electric Snake

My sense the dream is addressing something in your life that you do not wish to 'let out'. This is am experience that 'resides within' your unconscious that may cause you 'embarrassment' if let out. The 'embarrassment' is most likely a metaphor for guilt feelings stored up from the past experience. There seems to be an urgent need to have this come out but there is also a great resistance to it {repression}. The privacy that has been invaded probably relates to this experience. The 'beration' may involve an actual experience.

The garden may represent personal growth. This aspect that should be growing has been changed into a 'concrete' barrier. You have retreated within, repressing the experience. The experience has to do with the 'snake' images. Their symbolic meaning will go a long way in determining what the past experience you are repressing relates to. See the possibilities for snake in the Dream Dictionary. Also see the snake motif for possibilities. The snake with the electric tail may relate to the energies {electric} this past experience possesses.

What past experiences are you not wanting to confront? Snakes are often a phallic symbol. The four {the number for wholeness} snakes in the bedroom may pertain to experiences having to do with sexual experiences. Such experiences, when repressed, will take on new 'energies' so the conscious mind will take the time to confront the issue. Left unresolved the energies will only grow stronger and could cause psychic instability.


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