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Antique rings

here's a dream I had a while ago. It woke me up!!
I saw that me and my husband were at a flea market. At one stand, I saw a four antique rings. They were all quite similar : thin and fine, in white gold and small Amethysts and diamonds. I started trying them on to see which one fits better. I finally chose two : one with one small dark amethyst, one brighter amethyst and a small diamond and another one which was a bit bigger with one amethyst and many little diamonds. I showed them to my husband to tell me his opinion and he said that I should better not chose the bigger one as we wouldn't afford buying it. I was disappointed by his response as the rings were not really expensive and I was expecting he would show more enthusiasm in giving me joy by buying me this ring. So I put the rings back on the stand and walked away, pouting!
Facts :
1. Rings is my favourite kind of jewellery and I have enough of them. Precious rings with diamonds. One of my most favourite rings though, is not an expensive one. It is an antique white golden ring with ...an Amethyst. A single Amethyst.
2. One little complain I have about my husband, is that he is not flirty at all. I know, I do feel that he loves me, he cares and supports me, but he doesn't flirt with me, does not flatter me etc... He is not extrovert - while I am!
Thank you .

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Re: Antique rings

While the outer emotions concerning rings may have its place within the dream, the more important focus would be the 'inner' emotions. The rings {four is the number for wholeness} would be symbolic of inner emotions that have to do with feeling whole. The inner desires about your husband may have to do with those feelings. In that context the rings may represent:

You do not need an expensive ring but prefer the one that is not expensive. This may represent the need/desire for your husband to be flirty, responsive to your inner desires. You do not need a 'rich' environment of emotional response from him but merely efforts on his part to show he still desires you. Is this something you feel about him and your relationship?


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Re: Antique rings

Yes Jerry, that's so true. I don't need pompous declaration of desire or devotion. What I miss is that little flattery, this little "game" couples play. He has proved many times, when important issues come to the front, that he really loves, cares and protects me. Yet, I need this small talk, just a "I love the perfume you wear" or "your hair looks so nice today", to feel I'm still feminine and not just a "wife" he loves. I saw this very dream, after this incident : Yesterday I had a very bad back pain (I have sensitive waist and when I get tired it hurts). I told him I want to give me a massage with some ointment before we go to sleep. In the afternoon, a friend called asking us to go out for dinner. I couldn't go because I was in pain. He said "But, I want to go." I told him "ok, you may go, I'll be ok". So he left. When he came back after 3 hours, it was quite late and I had gone to bed. He came in we chatted a bit, he lied down and slept. He did not even ask about my back and most important he had forgotten about the massage I had asked him to give me. I know, one would say "why didn't you ask him before he sleeps". well... I don't know! Maybe because I wanted to get the joy that he remembers my problem and offers to help - without second notice. I slept in discomfort and a little bitterness.... Maybe that's why I saw this dream.
I want to ask : If the dream shows me' with its symbolic language , how I am, can it also give me some direction as to where I'm wrong and what's the right thing to do to get the satisfaction I'm looking for?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 30. Greece

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