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A miscarriage of a young girl.

I quote Nana
"I'm giving some exams on some Psychology lesson, together with other 2 girls. The teacher in charge is my ex Therapist. This therapists calls in the room some other participants too. Various men and the brother of a local fascist politician. Anyway, I finish my tests and when I leave the exam room, I hear that one of the girls who was 4 months pregnant, is having a miscarriage while touching her genitals. I take her and we go close to our teacher , Dora is her name (Dora in Greek means "Gifts")and she asks what's the matter with the young girl. I want to tell her, but I feel that I shouldn't, it's not my job talking about it, she, herself can tell Dora if she wishes to. Instead, this young girl tells Dora that she is interested in some Therapist who Dora doesn't like at all. Dora asks her Why does she like him? She says that his surname ends with ...- EARTH and she finds this, too appealing. She also uses some Greek quote that implies that we can enjoy anything with no guilt. This quote has also a strong sexual innuendo."
Thank you Jerry.

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Re: A miscarriage of a young girl.

My sense is the dream is addressing childhood abuse and unconscious aspects associated with those experiences. The different people represents aspects and experiences of her psyche. The 'no guilt' statement may be intended as just the opposite. Guilt felt not only about early life experiences but also present day aspects. The 'Earth' reference may allude to her 'natural self' which, being a therapist, and her own therapist {to find balance one has to do the work, be their own therapist}.

The strong sexual innuendo is probably the primary emotional conflict that needs to be addressed. The dysfunctional aspect of early family life may be what is 'hidden', that thing she is trying to discover and reconcile unconsciously. Pressures from early life {a brother who commits suicide would suggest deep divisions in early family life}, a lack of proper parenting as a child, the expectations that go unmet, these all have an affect of later life. That along with the sexual abuse could bring about emotional conflicts in adult life. Reconciling those emotional issues is what the dream is trying to do and what needs to be done so to find that balance and harmony in life Nanna seeks. Although she is doing that, working to reconcile the emotional wounds, there is something lacking. Other than unconscious aspects that have yet to be discovered one primary reason for a lack of reconciliation is the discipline to confront the emotional aspects as an adult. This may have associations with being overweight, food addiction being the substitute in life for what was/is lacking from a proper childhood environment {we all have something that is a substitute from negative childhood experiences - mine was an overly strong libido-looking for love in all the wrong places as a substitute for the love never received from my father}. These childhood issues are the foundations of who we become and what need reconciliation. But first there must be a confronting of the experiences, and a confrontation with the deficits that govern life as an adult {understanding why I had such a strong libido and overcoming those tendencies}.

A few words about early life experiences being at the core of actions later in life.
There are those who believe that early life experience/influences causing later life actions is nothing but an excuse. Although such experiences do not 'make' a person to do one thing or another later in life, they do influence the psyche to 'go in one direction'. We now know that infants retain in their psyche early life experiences/influence. These very often become unconscious stimulus, causing a person in later life to seek out substitutes for what was lacking, or what was an influence in early life. If a child lives with parents who smoke there is a greater than ever chance that child will smoke. DUH!!! Our earliest influences come from our parents. We can easily see how we all possess traits like those of our parents. Why not then unconscious influences also that are like those aspects of parents, especially those aspects that are lacking. We tend to repeat the negative aspects that were lacking. My unconscious drive of libido was most likely a repetition of my father's actions - he possessed the same traits of the libido {fortunately I did not become the uncaring bastard he was all his life}. If a person wants to know why they are the person they are, they merely need to look at their parents and early life experiences/influences. We will seek out those things that fit with those early life disappoints, imitate/emulate those actions we 'learned' from early life.

For me this is a 'no brainer' approach. For those who deny such associations, my thinking is they have their own unconscious stimulus for their attitudes. Which includes a lack empathy for others.


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Re: A miscarriage of a young girl.


I forwarded the translated interpretation to Nana who will read it carefully and will send me her response. In the meantime, she sent me a dream she saw last night and she believes is of high significance - having to do with the relationship with her parents. I'll trnaslate it and post it. Thank you.
Cynthia :)

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