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dream world

am gettin dreams often.. in a single n8 am gettin more dan 3 dreams.. even in a short nap am getting dream.. all my dreams revolves around my daily happenings....my daily life happenings get mingled wit it.. am nt sure whether a particular task happened in my dream or in the real.. am gettin confused.. the prob is i wanna knw whether it's kinda disease or somethin like dat.. cos it's unusual.. some say dat am nt havin a gud sleep n dat's y get lots of dreams.. sum say d oppposite fact.. so i dunno... pls let me knw,wat it's all abt.. thank u...

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Re: dream world

You do not have a disease. Dreams are natural. If you didn't dream then you should be worried about having some type of disease.

Dreams are expressions of your emotional state of mind. If you are hurried and stressed in your waking life then those emotional conflicts will be addressed in your dreams {dreams are therapeutic-they help you resolve emotional conflicts}. When you start to have unusual dreams or numerous dreams then it would indicate your waking life is full of emotional stress. Have you been stressed recently in your waking life? Dreams are reflective of those waking conditions {although the language in dreams is in symbol and metaphor}. When you are stressed you may have a hard time with sleeping. It is not the dreams that keep you awake, it is the stress.


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