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Recurring dreams about being shot

The past few months, I've had a lot of dreams about getting shot with a gun. I die in some of them and in some of them I don't. A few examples:

I am sitting in a car at a gas station when a man exits the gas station, looks me right in the eyes, and shoots me in the head. I die.

I am at work (a daycare) when a man breaks in and starts shooting. I find a hiding place but he finds me and shoots me in the collar bone. I live and go to the hospital.

Other dreams include me getting shot in the neck and living, getting shot in the neck and dying, and a few more shots to the head.

I have never felt like I was in danger or anything where I live or work, but now I'm starting to get paranoid. Any ideas?

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Re: Recurring dreams about being shot

It is important to understand that dreams are symbolic and use symbols and metaphor as its language. The second important thing to understand is your dreams are about you and your emotional life. Whatever is emotionally on your mind at the time of the dream is what the dream is trying to bring to your attention. The reason is to help you resolve the emotional issues that are in conflict.

Being shot in your dream may suggest there are inflicted emotional wounds. It may be self inflicted which would suggest some type of guilt on your part. The head is the thinking aspect. Being shot in the head may suggest your are bothered by guilt. The hospital is where you get healed. In this aspect you would need to be 'healed' of your guilt.

The man breaking in is your own masculine aspects trying to get through to your conscious mind. If it involves guilt it may suggest you may need to 'man up' to whatever the cause for the guilt is. You need to stop 'hiding' from the guilt.

Since these are recurring dreams then it does suggest something is bothering you that needs resolution. If you can not think of anything that would cause you to feel guilty then look back to when the dreams began and see if that stimulates your memory.

Being wounded in the neck may symbolize the separation between head and heart. If there is guilt involved then the heart is wanting a healing in the head {by resolving the emotional conflict caused by the guilt}.

Death in a dream seldom if ever means a real death. It indicates an end to something. If it is guilt that is bothering you then there would be a need to 'end' the guilt.

If there is not anything to feel guilty about then look to other 'emotional wounds' that may have been inflicted. Since there is a mention of your workplace it may involve those surroundings and experiences there. Something is bothering you and whether it is guilt or some other inflicted emotional wounds it needs a 'healing' so you can once again have peace of mind.


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