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Hello Jerry. This is a short one but puzzles me because it was so real. In real life I fell asleep on my couch laying on my pillow and covered with a sheet, no lights on and just the TV going. I dreamed that I woke up and my former love interest was bending down in front of me placing his shoes on the floor while asking me "Where can I put my shoes?". He never waited for an answer. He just put the shoes down in front of the couch I was laying on then laid down on the couch across from me. I asked "What? I didn't know you were here." I never asked how he got in. It didn't seem to concern me. I think I was happy to see him. Neither one of us said anything else to each other. We just started watching TV. End of dream. The dream was so real that I had to wake up because I thought he was really there. In the dream I still had the sheet over me, TV going and lights out. He even looked exactly as he does in real life. I've never had a lucid dream before so this is kinda weird to me. I think I should add that this man has been unattainable for all the months I've known him until just this week I decided to let him go. What does this dream mean?

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Re: Shoes

As usual with all dreams your dream will have two applications/meanings. One would address the relationship, now ended, with the 'unattainable guy'. The second would be about your own masculine aspects.

The Unattainable Guy
That description probably answers why the relationship ended. He was 'unattainable' for you emotionally. The question 'where can I put my shoes' would represent 'what place did you have in his life'. But also what place did you have in his life? In all the months you have known him you could never find that answer. Laying on the couch across from you may suggest there were things about him that were opposite to your true self. 'How did he get in' may fit with 'how did someone like him get into your life'. There was an attraction to him that perhaps caused you to ask 'what' to why this was so. Were there aspects that were opposite your intellect {watching TV}?

Masculine Aspects
Your masculine self may have felt 'unattended' from the beginning. You may have entered the relationship with questions about the opposites between the two of you. Perhaps he was too much of a control type {personality} and that was opposite what you wanted/needed in a relationship. The lack of concern may have been from your own strong masculine aspects, overcoming questions about the opposites. The conflict between 'masculine' aspects may have been part of the reason he was never attainable to you as you wished.

But there was something about him that peeked your interest. These qualities may have resembled your own qualities. Or they could be qualities you wish to incorporate into your psyche. What is lacking in the dream was any feminine qualities. The masculine aspects, his and your own, may have over ridden those essential qualities. That could be the reason for asking 'where does this guy who possesses so many opposites have a place in your life'. That intuitive self was overwhelmed by his masculine qualities. What in particular about him that caused you to have a 'love interest'?

There is some conjecture on my part about the possible 'opposites' between you and this 'love interest'. That has become a part of my style with interpreting dreams, my sixth sense. Your response will help me understand better if those qualities are accurate or if my own 'masculine' aspects are over riding those intuitive' feminine qualities I rely on when reading a dream. When interpreting dreams the 'intuitive' aspect is most important. As it is in life in general. If we all used those qualities more I believe life would be much better, the world would be a better place.


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