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The Hero Journey and Serving the Dragon

I hope all is well in the world of dreamers.

It has been a while since there have been this many days of no one making a post at the Dream Forum. With the 'official' beginning of summer, schools letting out, vacations beginning, it is not unusual for it to slow down. My construction business experiences the same thing every year although this year is turning out to be busier than usual {I thought I would have several free days this coming week but picked up three jobs over the past two days}. It is a bit of a relief though, not having to strain my mental facilities with the 'social' requirements and wanting to provide my best interpretation for any dream post. This past week has been a serious business week with all my efforts trained on 'taking care of business', the social dragon kind.

These past weeks and months of having to serve the 'dragon' has once again demonstrated that one level of the hero journey is to keep the focus on the 'bliss' factor while having to abide by social duties. Although my heart and soul wants to solely focus on my dream work I know I still have obligations to fulfill until my early retirement begins. To that end I have come to understand that that the 'hero' requirement is to live a spiritual life. Not a part time effort but a full effort where every experience is dedicated to the higher qualities of the Self. In doing that the positives in life come to be the staple of life, good things {in the realm of society as well as the whole self} happen. This year is turning out to be a great year business wise and my past efforts of proving a quality product and service is paying off. At least half of our business is from referral or repeat customers. Trying to do the WWJD/WWBD thing is why. Ethics, honesty, striving to serve the other does pay off. My son is also experiencing great success in his area {we have the Middle Tennessee location and the Orlando location}. He began the Orlando operations a little more than a year ago and is experiencing tremendous growth. And although he has yet to take up a 'conscious' mantle of the hero journey he uses the same formula that has made the Tennessee operations so successful {which had its beginnings some 333 years ago}. Again, ethics, service, a quality product, giving more than is received, that is our formula for a successful business. And of course a personality and an intuitive wisdom {like father, like son} that wins over a customer. The personality aspect is beneficial only because of the honesty of true self, something that comes through when negotiating with our customers.
{Many times I have made the statement that I or my son could very well be a Bernie Madoff type if we were the dishonest type}. Of course if we did that, were that type, well we all know what finally happened to 'poor' old Bernie.

What goes around comes around. It is an inherent part of nature. And a part of my spiritual belief system which is centered on natural law and not on the words of lesser minds {I must admit I do have a tendency to look at deeply religious types as possessing lesser knowledge}.

So my message today is, and this is from experience as well as the learned lessons of Campbell and Jung, although one must live within the restraints of social duty and yet still abide by tenets of the path of the hero journey, the life must be of the higher SELF. It is a part of the journey, one level of the many aspects of the psyche. By doing that, giving it a 100% EFFORT, there will always be those helping hands of fate to carry you through. And with experience {as Campbell noted, "I don't need faith, I have the experience} and the required time of living the hero journey, the individual will reach/achieve that bliss. This is the story of mythology, the hero/heroine adventure. Stay the path no matter what the obstacles and the life you are living will lead to the life you wish for. Letting go is letting go of the ego self, a personal 'death and resurrection' of the ego-centered, material driven person to the higher qualities of the spiritual and creative being, the bliss that gives meaning to life.

"If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be."
Joseph Campbell

So my friends, although my personal journey is now primarily centered on having to serve the dragon, I see it as the test of fulfilling those required degrees of the various levels of my own psychology. I do believe this pertains to anyone who discovers the hero journey and consciously sets out to follow that path. Growing personally, psychologically and spiritually, becoming that whole self. By staying the path, by eliminating one dragon at a time, the person will become that true and individuated SELF. If there is to be any type of a belief system I must live by it is that of the SELF. We can thanks Campbell and Jung for being the needed teachers to reaching that higher state of being, for providing the Gnosis that helps us achieve that understanding of that higher state of being.

To that end, achieving Gnosis, I present a theme I will expand on in coming days, months and years about the 'Inner Knowledge'. A theme I see as a part of my fulfillment of sharing what I have learned from my journey, as prescribed by the Mononmyth {The Crossing of the Return Threshold}. I will begin by directing your attention to the video below. It will provide insights to a system I believe is essential to become fully whole, fully Individuated. It is the path to the higher self, the true SELF.
At least I think so.



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Re: The Hero Journey and Serving the Dragon

The Gnosis video by Phillip Gardiner led me to a page {linked below} that features many of present day teachers learned in the subjects of the metaphysical, historical, paranormal and unexplained. Of course my great interest is more in the metaphysical and historical than with the paranormal and unexplained which I do consider as lesser possibilities. There are many topics listed in this page that will rouse great interest and cause one to think. Because most are related to natural laws and not the 'supernatural' they are more scientific rather than mere conjuncture or fascination. These are topics that I believe Jung and Campbell would find great interest if there were alive today.

Life Changing DVDs by Reality Press


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 61 Murfreesboro, Tn.

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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