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2 separate dreams in one evening

There were two dreams in one evening. the first dream was a large soldier comiong from the woods behind the house. It charged forward and my dog was barking at it. The soldier stepped on the dog and killed it and then looked at me and said it's name. I didn't hear the name but it started with an S. In the second dream I was using the weed whip to cut grass when I saw a very large black poisinous snake. It circled me getting closer and closer until it rose up and looked me in the eye. It kept telling me to run but I knew if I did it would kill me, It's eyes were evil and there was no soul. Something was behind me reading my thoughts and told me not to move or run. Other smaller snakes started wrapping around my arms and legs but I didn't run because I knew the large snake would kill me if I did. I thought what should I do maybe I can run fast enough to get away. Whatever was behind me told me to just stand still I could not run fast enough.

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Re: 2 separate dreams in one evening

You are probably wrestling with an emotional conflict that is unconsciously bothering you more than you want to admit {soldier coming from the woods}. The inner conflict may have something to do with relationships, perhaps questions about loyalty and/or fidelity.

Second Dream

Again you are confronted with inner conflicts that needs resolution because of it is beginning to poison your psyche {black poisonous snake}. The conflict is slowly pushing you to the edge, the dream messages intent being you need to confront it head on and seek resolution. If you keep running away from the conflict it will cause you more emotional harm. It may be to a point where it is 'paralyzing', you are getting to the place where you are unable to function normally. You are at a place of indecision, unable to confront the conflict and yet letting it continue its emotional influence.

What aspects in your life are in emotional turmoil, something you may feel you are hapless to do anything about emotionally?


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